Monday, December 18, 2017

The devil is in the details

It is, it really fucking is. 

Even though I said I was fine with the lackluster sales of my latest and I am it didn't stop me from wondering why the sales weren't near what I expected. In trying to figure out where I came up short and what separated this one from the last one. Right away there is the whole sex for money thing that isn't exactly a common trope-I don't do tropes I tell stories-so I shrugged it off being out of the norm. But it does matter it wasn't something readers are used to seeing. Then there was the whole 'asshole' thing. I don't commonly write assholes because I don't like them and it isn't easy to write people I don't like. The weird thing is readers love assholes. The last one, asshole in the style of Harvey Spector from Suits, still selling like hotcakes. This guy not so much an asshole, he's pretty damn bossy have no doubt about that but an asshole who makes the h cry, not so much. These thoughts came and went but I knew I was missing something. 

So I sat down and really looked at the release. In going over the shares on blogs I was rather proud of the fact my release, the title, blurb, cover they all looked like other new releases. Oh shit, they looked like all the rest of them. I saw it, or rather didn't see it. BBW Erotic Romance is the tag after my titles on Kindle. But in an effort to be more mainstream I went with contemporary romance because let's be completely fucking honest the only difference between contemporary and erotic these days is two sex scenes. The stuff tagged as contemporary these days are as graphic as any erotic romance but they only do one or two sex scenes compared to my five or so in any book. That's not the issue, the issue is I left off BBW.

I cannot believe I left it off. It's the thing that drives my sales. It's what separates me from the writers who write the perfect men and the perfect women who fall in love and live a perfect happily ever after. Readers have been there done that, most of the readers are not perfect and they are kind of sick of reading perfect. The plain fact is it's all been done before, writers know that, readers know that.  Writers have to make their story unique to them, to give their twist. My twist is broken people and BBW women, as someone who isn't a size two I wrote what I wanted to see. Then I found out what a difference it makes when I had two releasing at once when one was 'normal' size and the other was BBW I didn't tag it as BBW I just mentioned in the blurb she wasn't a size two. In one day the BBW sold 19 and the other book sold 1. You better believe it clicked right then and there for me. I had another BBW already that always sold more than all my others I thought it was because the blurb was hot, the blurb was hot and it talked about how he wanted her even though she bigger. Ohhhhh.....

Yeah, I missed a huge opportunity because of something so small. There I was looking like all the other new releases, there was nothing to distinguish my book from everyone else's. 

Well, fuck 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Is timing everything?

With this latest release I've been sitting on it for what felt like forever. I also haven't released anything in going on eighteen months. I wanted to put out one before the end of the year, I could have waited until December but I really believed that if I released in November there would be enough time before the end of the year to make some badly needed connections with new readers before they got their new Kindle at Christmas. Although I heard people say November was a bad release time I shrugged it off and moved forward. And my latest release feels like a flop. 

I'm pretty sure I did pretty much everything I could do for it to be success, using the things I've learned so far. Did I learn something new this time around? Fuck yeah, I learn something new with every release. I learned that you are never as prepared as you think you are. I really thought I would have everything ready by the end of October, nope there was a delay. Did it hurt me? Feels like it maybe did. 

I don't regret going with Give Me Books promotions for this release. At a cost of $150 it hurt to fork over the cash, it didn't give me the sales I wanted. What it did give me is access to bloggers who know my name now. It will come into play in the future. I feel comfortable saying I will use Give Me Books in the future, with my next one? I don't know. I'd like to but it will depend on several things, mainly money. 

I'm not going to hit even half of the sales I did with my last title but shockingly I'm not crushed, not moping, not whining. Not every release will hit out of the park, not every penny spent is repaid immediately. I'm playing the long game here, just because I'm not making five hundred in a week off this book doesn't mean I won't make five hundred off this release over the next year. The feedback has been great, I appreciate every review, other buys have happened. This is another log on my fire. 

Unlike a poor response usually does I'm not questioning if I should keep going. I'm already going back to the story that slipped in a few weeks ago but got put on the back burner with the stress of this latest release. Five, I have five more to write, get edited, and put out this coming year. I don't have time to waste. I've been writing this weekend and I'm looking at the calendar for the next release and wondering when it should release. Hint, it won't be in mid-February when a thousand other romances are releasing. I do think I learned something about timing. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Looking for a new editor because I am a horrible person

Crazy bad news, my editor is going through health issues. I love my editor, she gets me and I know she's made me a better writer, made my stories better, stronger. She just found out about what she's going through, it's tough really fucking tough. There is no way I could truly imagine what she is going through. When she gave me the news she offered to let me out of the scheduled date of 12/7 for my next story, I didn't even consider going with someone else. As she offered me the out she told me she wasn't expecting to stop working. With that I told her, I wanted to keep her as my editor and the date of 12/7. 

Now comes the part where I am a horrible, shitty person. The edit I got back left me completely underwhelmed and frankly unhappy. She's usually very thorough with insightful, fit for me comments and suggestions. Basically once I'm done with either accepting, usually, or rejecting her changes it's good to go. This time I have had to print out and edit once I finished her edits. As I was printing I was telling myself I was over thinking it, of course it was good but before I even got to page 30 there was something on almost half the pages. It's completely understandable she has her mind on things more important like her health but I spent half a recent paycheck for my edit. I paid for a clean manuscript, and I didn't get it. 

I'm going to hell because I don't want to keep the December scheduled date for my next one. I feel like shit at the thought of telling her that I changed my mind. For the first time in practically ever I'm going to lie for a good reason. I'm going to tell her that I'm no where near done. I suck, this sucks the whole thing is shitty and I wish it were different. But I just do not have the time and money  to edit, yes I do actually edit myself twice then send it to someone paying half my check and then still need to  edit again. 

I hate this, I love my editor and the relationship we had the idea of trying to capture something like that again...I don't know. I don't want to do it but this next year is incredibly important, five books at least that need to be done and out and with them I should be able to make my move to France and to writing full time. But it only works if the books I put out are as good or better than what I have already done. 

So, yeah I'm looking for a new editor. Any suggestions?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Going with a paid promotion service this release and hoping it isn't a waste of money

I'm doing something different this time around that for once I'm not worried about. My neurotic, control-freak, perfectionist ass is letting someone else handle my new release promotion. Shocking. For me it is. The thing is, I actually did this once and it was a train wreck, a dumpster fire, craptastic. The only good thing is it didn't cost a whole hell of a lot but still more than what I got for it. It was a blog tour and dear lord it was a mess of blogs that had only a handful of followers and I'm convinced it was only for this blog tour company. At the time I promised myself I wouldn't do anything like it again. 

I think, see can't even really remember, at the time I had just the first seven out. It was nothing, it came to nothing and as I tried to let go of my anger and frustration I told myself I'll handle it all by myself from now on. For the last few years I have with uneven results. Actually the results weren't uneven. When I got bloggers to share and tweet me the response was huge. The problem came with bloggers willing to share my sales and promos. Many times I was ignored and I only had about a five percent response rate. Pretty deflating.

I get it, many of them had never heard of me so why bother sharing me. Still, it's a very frustrating, time consuming thing to do. I've seen promotion service sales before and usually the price was such a shocker I clicked right off of it. The few times it didn't I looked at the promotion being offered and been incredibly underwhelmed and noped right off the page. 

Then on my last release I did my usual round of emails to bloggers begging to be shared and got the usual uneven responses. When my release shot to number one and stayed in the top 50 on Apple ibooks for a few weeks I was shocked. It took a few days to figure out where the sales were all coming from. Then I saw them, they were coming out of Australia. What? I looked though the bloggers who shared and there was a blog out of Australia. Holy shit. They had a huge number of followers, I'd liked their blog and followed them on Twitter for a few years. I remember being excited when they said they would share but honestly had no idea the response would be so huge. But over the next few months the sale on the new release and then sale of my other titles were enormous and more than a third were from Australia because of that one blog. That whole thing of building your catalog so readers who find you and like you have more to read was paying off. Readers were reading all fourteen titles, for a good three months the sales rolled in before slowly tapering off. 

As the buildup to this latest release has been coming up I kept going to the blog and checking their offers of shares, and promotions as I wondered how I could get them to share again. The longer I thought about it and thought of all the stress and angst and how I couldn't get more than 2 fucking people to sign for an ARC I thought fuck this shit. I went to the website of the Australian blog and thought it couldn't hurt to at least find out how much it would cost for them to do a promotion. 

They came back and the price wasn't insane considering what they would do. If their one tweet and Facebook post had made such a huge impact then I'm willing to take a chance on having them run a promotion for me. Even if the response isn't more than what I had last I'll be happy. Fingers crossed this isn't a waste of money, who knows. We'll just have to see. 

If the response is what I hope it is I'll share the details and the blog as their due. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Author Spotlight: Emma Haven

Author Spotlight

Emma Haven

Emma Haven has a new release that looks delightfully naughty. I wanted to know more about the release and Ms. Haven. 
She  writes stand-alone Erotic Romance amd Erotica with elements of BDSM, menage, suspense, and mystery – sometimes all at the same time. All books are entirely stand-alone, and no books are part of a series. Each story is a unique journey through two (or more) characters blossoming (or raging) relationship. No cliffhangers. No series. No 500,000 word commitment to find out whether they will or won’t. Just one hot story from beginning to end.

Now that we’ve got the marketing drivel out of the way.
Trixie Belden. The first book series that I loved when I was a child was the Trixie Belden series. After reading every book in the series I could get my hands on, I knew what the next book should be. So, at eight years old, I borrowed my Dad’s old Royal typewriter and banged out my first book. That typewriter followed me through school to college, where I majored in English and decided I would write the next great literary novel.
That was twenty-seven years ago and as I am sure you suspect, it didn’t happen. I wound up in IT, started a business. I did write lots of memos, web copy, and blog posts, though. It was something.
In 2016, my twenty-plus year career in IT came to an end in a particularly callous and brutal company layoff. As I struggled with making sense of what I had just watched, participated in, and had happened to me I turned back to writing to work through the emotions. Eventually, that lead me back to my original dream as an eight-year-old girl to write for a living.
I chose erotic romance because I love exploring the emotional complexities of one or two damaged people finding one another and struggling to make it work with all the fear and desire and over the top emotions new love entails. My books usually contain something outside the norm of “accepted” experience as I am fascinated by people that work to make their place in the world while celebrating their differences.
And I write standalone stories because I truly, truly despise cliffhangers. There is nothing more frustrating to me than to get to the end of a book and not having a complete resolution.

This woman is  after my heart. A writer who despises cliffhangers, sign me up. Check out her latest. 


She shook her head, mimicking his pose. “Obey me, and you’ll be rewarded.”
He stiffened. “I’m not a dog, signorina. I do not heel to anyone—man or woman.”
Rather than take offense at his haughty tone, Regan trailed her fingers across the smooth skin of her cleavage, glancing at him from the veil of her lashes. “Have you ever tried?”
“Yes, for a woman I cared about enough to try something new.” He shrugged. “Submission doesn’t suit me.”
She cocked a brow. “Perhaps you didn’t have the right Domme.”
“Do you practice the lifestyle?”
She shook her head. “No, not as such. You said it yourself. I’m simply used to being in control of every situation.”
Dante took a step toward her, and then another. He reached out to touch her cheek, ignoring her attempt to dart away. “You are obsessed with control. Look where it got you.”
His other hand rested on her chest, near her heart. He patted gently. “You need to surrender control sometimes, mia piccola tiranna.”
She grinned at his silly nickname for her, rather pleased to have made such an impression on him. She ignored his suggestion. “I never surrender.”
“You will surrender to me.”
She frowned. “Never.”

She is available everywhere! You can find her latest here. 

Visit her at:

Friday, October 27, 2017

New Release Giveaway

Rafflecopter Giveaways for 
His Sugar Baby 
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I figured the bloggers were already in the public so it was no big deal to announce them on the Rafflecopter but with the 'regular entrants' I didn't feel it was a good idea to post the winners info the way Rafflecopter showed it. So the winners of the Reader Giveaway will post here and then I'll email them with their prize.
$20.00 Amazon gift ccard: Shanae T. 
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Blogger Giveaway

Saturday, October 21, 2017

His Sugar Baby



I made my first million at sixteen, my first billion before I was thirty. I get what I want how I want it, and I have no problem paying for it, that includes women. Hell, I’ve already been doing it with the women I’ve been dating. They enjoy my credit cards during the day and I’m supposed to be able to enjoy them at night but as the weeks go on the excuses pile up but they still spend my money. So I’m done with dating. It’s time for a woman who knows the deal and signs on the dotted line. I’m looking for a sugar baby, it's instant lust when I find Anne and see her curves that should come with a warning sign. Until I find out she hasn't just been a sugar baby before; she's sold herself by the hour in Las Vegas. It's one step too far for me, only I can't stop thinking about her. I find out she had her reasons for what she did, like I have mine. Her past is her past; I want her for what she is now. Besides, this is just sex, a simple exchange for time and money. Except, little by little, it becomes far from simple as I find out money doesn't buy everything.  


I thought I was done with being a sugar baby, of selling myself for security and a better life than the one I grew up in. Even though I'm a plus size, not a size two, men were more than willing to buy what I was selling. I tried to go white collar, to be normal. For four years I worked my ass off to get a degree in accounting; only, things don’t always go as planned. The instant attraction to Grant is a cherry on top; he's gorgeous and very generous. Is that why all my rules begin to blur, blend, and break to please him? I'm not ashamed of my past and all I’ve experienced, but it doesn't prepare me for Grant and all the things he wants and needs from me. I don't believe in forever, in happily ever after. What happens when he wants more than I give?


“Fifty thousand a month for a year, whether we make it the entire twelve months or not. You’ll also get a credit card for personal use, whatever you want to use it on, no limit.”
Her reaction isn’t what I expect. Taking a step back, she shakes her head. “What are you expecting from me?”
I follow her. “You, all of you. I’m not into kinky shit or anything. You make the rules. I’ll accept what you are willing to give or not give. You don’t do blow jobs, fine, but I’ll need to taste you, that preview in the car wasn’t enough.”
“If you want to.” The words come out of her in a rush. Her grey eyes begin to glow as my hands catch her hips to keep her where I want her, close to me.
“You’ll spread your pussy wide for me to feast when I want.” It’s not a question. I can smell her wet for me; I need to taste her again. Sliding my hands down over her beautiful round ass, I squeeze what has been tempting me.
“Yes, yes.” Her hips rock against my straining cock.
Fuck, her breathing flutters as she rocks against me again. Needing to know before I tear her clothes off and fuck her where we stand; I almost groan as I ask. “Any other no-gos for the bedroom?”
“You mentioned it already, I’ll live without it. Tell me more, any other limits?” Her hand comes up to my arm to steady herself. Her breathing does that thing again, then her other hand is at my waist. Her eyes are hypnotic pools of silver.  
Her voice is trembling. “I agree to sex at least three times a week, but I have the right to say no to more than five. The right to my own space and to sleep in it instead of with you. No pimping me out or trying to share me with other men or women. No fondling me in front of people. No discussing our arrangement publicly, if you talk to your friends about it privately I’m fine, but just not putting it on blast to just anyone.”
“When you say three times, is that each time I fuck you or every time I take you.” Fuck, she’s panting for me to be inside her. Her hands go around my neck then pull me down to her mouth.
“Take me.” She groans into my mouth.
Clinging to my last shred of sanity I ask the last question that matters, “Are you protected? I fuck bare and I want to come inside you.”
“Yes, yes.” She moans as she presses her breasts against my chest.

“You’re mine.” It’s not a question. Question time is over. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Author Spotlight: Rosanna Leo

Author Spotlight

Rosanna Leo 
and  her  latest release Vice

Vice deals with the themes of addiction, specifically gambling addiction in a Las Vegas setting. How did you come up with this topic?

My husband and I visited Las Vegas a few years ago and it was so different from any place I'd ever visited. Of course, being a writer, I kept a notebook handy and began to take notes of my impressions. I knew it would make a colorful setting for a romance. As far as the topic of gambling addiction, unfortunately, I have personal experience. My own father is a gambler, just like my heroine Kate's father. The addiction had a huge impact on my family and I always knew I would write about it.

Did you ever doubt you could give your characters a "happily ever after?'

I sure did but that was part of the allure. Knowing what I know of gambling addiction, I understand not everyone living in that world gets to live "happily ever after." That's why it was important for me to provide one for my characters. I wanted the book to end on a hopeful note. However, I didn't make it easy. My main characters Liam and Kate are basically enemies when the book begins. I had to work hard to get them to fall in love. After all, he owns casinos and she runs support groups for the families of gambling addicts. 

Vice is book 1 in a series. What else do you have planned?

I'd like to do at least 3 books. Currently, I'm hard at work on book 2. It will pick up where Vice left off but will feature a new couple. I like to write series so that readers can pick them up anywhere along the line. Each one will be a complete romance with a resolution. 

The hot and sexy hunk Liam Doyle, the hero of Vice, was there a real life man who inspired him?

Well, you didn't hear it from me, but I may have found some inspiration from the gorgeous Henry Cavill. In fact, he's all over my Pinterest board for Vice so I think it's safe to say my Liam looks just like him. Whether Henry behaves the Liam does is another matter altogether... ;)

Dive in ladies (and gents) it's a great read. 

Las Vegas has it all—casinos, gambling, money, and women. For a handsome business entrepreneur, it’s paradise. 

Wearing success like a well-tailored suit, it’s business as usual for Liam Doyle while he runs his multi-million-dollar empire…until a pesky protester catches his attention.

Staging a one-woman demonstration, Kate Callender has the potential to be a huge pain in his ass. If he doesn’t take care of her soon, there will be bad publicity slapped all over Vice, the newest addition to his chain of casinos.

But there’s one tiny problem Liam didn’t count on—the feisty redhead isn’t about to go down easily. She’s fighting him every step of the way…and he’s starting to like it.

And paper copies at Barnes and Noble

You can find Rosanna on 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Author Spotlight: Pandora Spocks

Author Spotlight
Pandora Spocks

For Sparrow

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER at this Universal Link:

When Jessi Crenshaw’s husband Graham dies unexpectedly, she’s devastated.  He’s the only man she’s ever loved.  Just eighteen when she met him, she’s been married to him for twenty-five years.  Now she’s lost her friend, her lover…and her Dominant. 
But as it turns out, Graham had an inkling that his health was in decline, and he tapped his friend and protégé in the Lifestyle, firefighter and paramedic Judd Farris, to be Jessi’s Dominant until she gets back on her feet. 
Judd is determined to fulfill his promise to his friend.  But it’s a damn odd arrangement—a platonic Dom/sub relationship.  With her fiery auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, and audacious spirit, Jessi captured his attention the first time he ever saw her.  At her husband’s funeral. 
A man could go to hell for the things he’s been thinking.  But they’ve drawn a line, and he’s going to stick to it.
Judd’s sexy good looks and his gentle confidence aren’t lost on Jessi.  She’s torn between loyalty to the man she loved, and desire for the man increasingly in her fantasies.  In the letter Graham left for her, he mentioned that she might find Judd attractive.  But that’s simply ridiculous.  He’s five years younger than she is.  He couldn’t possibly be interested in her.  Could he?
Judd’s a Dom without a sub, and Jessi’s a sub without a Dom.  It’s perfect for the time being.  Could it be that Graham had more in mind than merely a temporary solution? 
And could it all end at the hands of a madman?
FOR SPARROW is a contemporary erotic romance novel with a light BDSM theme.  It’s the third book in the Dream Dominant Collection.
FOR SPARROW launches on October 3, 2017. 
Pre-Order it now for only 99¢. 
After launch day, the regular price will be $2.99.

Pandora Spocks is a sassy ginger and hopeless romantic, living her happily ever after in South Florida.

Pandora has had stories pinballing around in her head for years. At one point, she spent hours daydreaming in Mrs. Howe's ninth grade algebra class. She didn't learn much algebra, but she had some really good ideas. Recently she decided to try her hand at sharing those stories with others.
Pandora is currently at work on her next spicy romance.

Connect with Pandora:
Pandora’s Passionista Paradise:
Pandora’s Box Unleashed Newsletter: (Sign up and get a free book!) 


            Flickering candlelight greeted them as they entered the bedroom, and Jessi saw various implements lined up on the bed.  She looked to Judd.
            “I wanted to create the right mood, Angel.  Candles seemed the way to go.”
Slowly she approached the bed and lightly fingered what she saw there--a black leather crop, a rectangular paddle also of black leather, a black suede flogger, and a wooden spoon.  Judd stepped beside her and slid off his black leather belt, adding it to the assortment.
            When she turned to him, his expression was bemused.  “Told you I went shopping,” he laughed.  “Now, you’ve been such a good girl, I’m going to let you choose what I’m using to spank you with tonight.  So what will it be?”  He stepped back and folded his arms across his chest, waiting to see her response.
            Jessi blinked and looked back to the items on the bed.  Her head spun with possibilities, but suddenly she knew the answer.  Dropping to her knees, she grasped her wrists behind her back and bowed her head.  “Whichever one would please you, Sir.”
            “Angel, you please me more than I can say.”  He stroked her hair lovingly, then removed his shirt, tossing it into the bathroom. 
“I think…”  He reached down to help her stand, tugging at the dress gathered around her waist to pull it the rest of the way down.  “I think we’ll get the biggest bang for our buck…or your butt,” he grinned, “with the paddle.  I want you to stand at the end of the bed and lean over.” 
Jessi complied, resting her torso on the bed, her head turned toward the slider overlooking the beach and the ocean beyond.  In the dim light, she could also see herself, naked and bent over the end of the bed, reflected in the white sheer-shrouded glass.  Her expression was wanton, needy.  And she felt immensely happy.
            Judd smoothed his hand over her bare bottom, pausing to tweak the plug.  Jessi gasped at the sensation and felt the need in her core grow.  She yelped when the first smack surprised her, but after that, she gave herself over to the sensations, the whack on her cheeks, the vibration in her ass, the tingle in her pussy. 
            At some point, Judd put down the paddle and used his hands to smooth away the sting.  “Up on the bed and on your knees, Angel.” 
            Jessi complied, and he turned her to face the bank of glass.  “Head up.  I want you to watch as I fuck your cunt.”
            She gasped, her eyes meeting his in the reflection as he impaled her with no further preamble.  He pounded into her, all the while fidgeting with the red-jeweled flange of the butt plug.  Jessi felt a release of fluid she was powerless to stop.
            “Come when you’re ready, Angel.  You’ve earned it,” Judd coaxed.

            Needing no further encouragement, Jessi cried out as ecstasy overtook her, starting in her drenched core and radiating throughout her body.  

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Swaggalicious: New Ideas for your swag

As I am wandering around on websites not writing I was looking for cool ideas for swag aside from the standby of pens, mugs, bookmarks stuff. I had an idea all of my own (so you know, include me in your footnote and shit) of doing a phone cover of my oh so pretty celtic heart symbol so I went looking to see if that was possible and for how much. No, this is not a paid advertisement, they have no idea who I am and sadly I will get no $$$ from this post. I stumbled upon and oh my goodness the plethora of pretty made my cold heart flutter. 

How sad is it that I never thought of a calendar of my covers, as I now have more than 12? I bet you didn't think of it either or there would be a gazillion of them out there. How cool is that though? To have a calendar of your favorite covers to give out instead of a book mark, true the cost isn't cheap but think of it, your reader looking at your covers every day! The minute I have more than $10 bucks in my pocket I'm ordering some for next year and totally doing a giveaway. 
Look look! It's so pretty!

Just as I thought moving on I saw the next bestest thing EVER magnets. You could do a big one with a collage of your covers or a regular sized one with one cover. Ok yes, it doesn't sound cool but the idea of your book cover holding up some kid's macaroni art...I know it's sad the idea makes me giddy but it so does. 

Now I'm clicking like a maniac and what, what, what?  No way, personalized notebooks? Okay, yes I saw this on another website and even considered it but it got to be sooo overwhelming and yes this is incredibly girly of me but the website didn't look this pretty and uncluttered. The idea of a cover on a notebook a reader will use is the shit to me I want to order some for me to keep!

There are the usual things, tote bags, mugs, and coasters there's even some cool looking playing cards that just don't seem that feasible as a writer of romance-maybe thrillers and action for the poker players or maybe as a Christmas gift to friends and family. 
While I'm at it throwing out the coolest thing I saw put into use. 
This writer did the flash drive on a post card with his cover on one side and the other side blank so he could sign to give the reader. He said the cost for 100 was just under $5.00 and he sold it for $10.00 at a comic con. Which is a hell of an idea. When going to a con the attendees aren't there for you so the last thing you want to do is lug books there and even worse back. He said he sold out of them and it just looks cool. This is a website I did a quick search and found. 

I'm sure you could also them on a book mark, or business card, it looks cool and ever so a change from the same old same old.  

Okay pretties, now I really do need to get to writing. Any ideas you want to share feel free to comment. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Everything you say and do can and will be held against you

As many authors do I offered up my blog to feature other authors. It's something I've done in the past and until two authors flaked on me right in a row I actually enjoyed doing. Previously, I reached out to authors I knew and liked, I featured Jordan Silver, Setta Jay, Christa Tomlinson, and CE Black. All of these writers I had encountered on social media and had taken a look at their stuff and liked. I offered, they didn't ask and I was happy with every encounter. 

No secret authors featuring other authors is win-win you help an author get some exposure from people who like you and you get exposure from people who like them, good times. As I saw someone in a group I'm in ask to be featured on other author's blogs for their new release. I thought about it and decided to go ahead and offer up my blog. Then because I'm a bit of a control freak planner just having one author wasn't enough I went ahead and just made a blanket statement of offering up my blog to other authors within the group. Immediately I had responses of yes, please. One author I knew of and even though I didn't read her I was actually quite happy to get to know more about her as I'd basically just 'seen her around' on social media not really interacted with her, and was interested in knowing more. That was Ms. Felicity Brandon who I just featured this weekend, I'm glad I did. Even though I'm not into BDSM I read through her samples on Amazon and really liked her writing style and I felt very proud to have her on my blog. 

Then I got another response from another writer. At the time I basically nodded and carried on as there wasn't a time issue with him and Felicity just had a release and the author wanted another time. Once I was done with Felicity's post and hit publish I turned my attention to the other author. Huh, I remember this guy. It was that guy, the guy who felt the need to explain to me what petite was and supposedly wasn't. The guy who kept poking me when I tried to ignore him because quite frankly I don't engage trolls or assholes. Life is too short and I really couldn't care. But this guy he kept poking at me, not wanting to be ignored because he had something that I supposedly needed to hear. 

I'm not going to feature this asshole and I told him so and gave him the previous post I wrote about our encounter. You want to be an asshole, fine but I don't have to have anything to do with  your ass. The thing is if he hadn't been asshole despite me not liking his writing style and not being able to say I recommend him, I would have featured him. It actually does not bring me any kind of happiness or satisfaction to tell him I won't feature him. I've said it before and I mean it. I'm not here to do anything but help other authors, even if I don't necessarily like someone's writing or subject matter or even them as a person because of stupid shit they say or do. I'll just keep scrolling past and not engage. Even though this post is talking about that guy the greater message is: Everything you say or do can and will be held against you

Remember that, you tweet it, you Facebook post it, you snapchat it, Instagram whatever. If you put it out there to see know people will see it and they'll judge, for better or worse. For the readers especially it's a way to lose readers and it hurts the bottom line. For the writing community, it's a small world and the memories are very long. Don't make it harder for someone to want to help you out. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Author Spotlight Felicity Brandon

Felicity Brandon

Felicity writes erotic romance with bondage, submission, and spankings. Oh my! High heat levels and naughtiness abound in each book she writes. 

Although several of my h's love a good spanking for fun BDSM and discipline isn't really my thing. That said it doesn't stop me from appreciating a good writer. Case in point, Felicity Brandon. I love Ms. Brandon's writing style and am so happy to spotlight her work and get to know her. 

You've written viking historical, now regency, and contemporary is there a time you prefer writing?

I immerse myself in whatever genre I am writing, and am happy writing in all of them. I was amazed by how easily I slipped into the Regency era, but I think moving back and forth between times helps to keep my writing fresh.

Is there a place and time in history you wish you had lived in? 

I love history, but I don't have any desire to live in it. As a woman, I think I am much happier in the twenty-first century, where I am free to be myself.

What writers or books first made you fall in love with reading? What was the writer or book that made you want to write? 

The first book I got lost in as a child was 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe', by C.S. Lewis. I was completely transported to Narnia, and spent many years checking the back of wardrobes! 😉 Since then, there have been many awe-inspiring books, but Anne Rice remains one of my all-time favourites writers. Her narrative style is utterly enticing.

When not writing and you have time to yourself you can be found... lost in music and/or at the gym.

What is something you wish you knew when you first sat down to write your first story? 

Writing the story is just the beginning...

Favorite comedy

Clue or Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is a wicked fun comedy, that everyone in the entire world should watch. Simon Pegg is a fucking genius (damn I thought I was going to get through this post without cussing). I think I have a girl crush on Ms. Brandon. *dreamy sigh* 

I'm so glad I got a chance to learn more about her and hope y'all did too. Enjoy a look at her newest release and keep scrolling to find where you can take a look at her others and find her online.

Taming Lady Lydia 

Felicity says Taming Lady Lydia is the most sensual and potent romance I have ever penned. Lord Markham is the Regency hero I always fantasized about... He’s a strict authoritarian with a loving, tender heart.

When eighteen-year-old Lady Lydia Franklin becomes the ward of Lord Thomas Markham after her father’s death, she quickly discovers that the wealthy, handsome gentleman believes in strict discipline for wayward young women. Her penchant for naughtiness soon earns her a sound spanking, but despite his willingness to punish her as often and as shamefully as he feels it necessary, Thomas’ firm-handed correction leaves Lydia helplessly aroused.

Though he is charged with ensuring that Lydia’s innocence is preserved, Thomas cannot help but notice her body’s response to his stern chastisement. It isn’t long before she is lying naked across his lap as she is spanked thoroughly and then brought to a blushing climax, and over the coming days he sets about teaching her what it means to surrender herself completely to a dominant man.

Being taken in Thomas’ arms proves more pleasurable than Lydia ever dreamed, and she finds herself imagining a future as his wife rather than his ward, but the dark rumors about his past are hard to ignore. When he asks for her hand she agrees to be his bride, but once the wedding is over will the bond between them hold firm or will it all end in scandal and heartbreak?

Publisher’s Note: Taming Lady Lydia includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


“You can either be a good girl, behave and obey my requests…” He pauses, watching my responses carefully. “Or, my love… you can resist me, try me, and be soundly spanked for your trouble. Do you know which you have chosen tonight?”
I swallow at the question, my hips raising beneath our entwined bodies as though they choose to answer for me. “I have disobeyed you,” I whisper.
He smiles, his brow rising wryly at my comment. “Yes,” he agrees, kissing me chastely on the lips. “And so you will be spanked.”
“I am sorry, Thomas,” I whimper, not really sure if I am truly sorry, or whether I just enjoy playing the heroine to his bondage scene.
He is already moving down my body as he replies. “Thank you, my love,” he replies, and there is genuine warmth in his tone. “But you know the rules. You are to be punished and then you will be pleasured.”


It's available now at Amazon

Felicity can be found everywhere (I think she's Batman)

Her website: FelicityBrandonWrites
Amazon Author Page: Amazon
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