Friday, March 14, 2014

Cover, Blurb and Excerpt for His Hostile Takeover


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This is a standalone novella at 37,274 words. This is an erotic romance so please be aware it is graphic in nature and includes anal sex before purchasing

Ellie Shaw has been in love with Greg Turner since she first met him at sixteen. It doesn’t matter that now at twenty-four he still treats her like a kid sister, Ellie still loves him. So, why did her body go haywire when she first met Dmitri Markhoff? Dmitri was taking over the company she had worked so hard to keep going; Ellie wasn’t part of the bargain. Okay, she needed the job of personal assistant he was offering, and it was only for three months. That was more than enough time to save money so that once the time was up she could support herself while she found another job, she would move back to Alexandria and be near Greg. She loved Greg. Hormones—and never having been touched—were all that was making her feel the way she did about Dmitri. She was sure of it. Besides all of that, men as gorgeous as Dmitri Markhoff didn’t look twice at women like her, who wore a dress size in the double digits; they went for models that were a size zero.

Dmitri Markhoff is a ruthless corporate raider and had long given up on soft feelings for women. He enjoyed their bodies and paid for it in diamonds and other trinkets. All he wants is Elise’s lush body, which has the kind of curves that should come with a warning sign; love isn’t something he’s looking for. When he figures out that Elise is untouched, his body goes into overdrive. Even though he’s aware that keeping her is wrong, since all he wants is sex, he’s having the hardest time letting her go.


“Why are you crying?”
She shook her head, she couldn’t look at him, but he wouldn’t let her go and his other hand was around her arm, pulling her to him. Her body came alive and it terrified her. “It doesn’t matter.” She managed to sputter.
“The hell it doesn’t matter. Tell me, right now.”
“She called me fat, and she’s right. I shouldn’t cry about it, it’s stupid to cry about it.”
His grip went tighter and his words were ice. “Who told you that? Which one of them said that?”
His hand came up under chin and tugged her face up to his. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped under her eyes. “That bitch has no idea what she’s talking about. You have no idea what you’re talking about.”
He tucked the handkerchief away and his other hand threaded through her hair and pulled the clip out that contained her hair in a sloppy bun. His hand went back into her hair and his grasp was a fraction below punishing. “You are beautiful. Every feature on your face fits perfectly and is achingly sweet. Your body isn’t a stick figure with a lollipop head. You have curves that are dangerous to my peace of mind.” His hands slid down her neck leaving a trail of fire and goose bumps. He pushed the jacket from her shoulders, a finger went up to the top of her plain grey blouse and then both hands were there, ripping it open.
Shock ran over her at his words, at the burning fire in his eyes. Her hands went up to cover herself, embarrassed by the tired white bra and aching peaked nipples. He pushed her hands away cupping a breast in each hand. “I want you so badly, if it weren’t for my belief that you’ve never had another lover I would fuck you, right here in this dressing room. Has there been another man?”
She could only shake her head. Her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth.
“I have taken cold shower after cold shower, and still I’m hard and aching to know the feel of your breasts in my hands, in my mouth. Will your nipples be the color of the blush on your cheeks or the color of your sweet ripe mouth?” His hands, big and warm, as they cupped her made her feel small and hot. A thumb toyed with a pebbled tip through the cloth and she longed to have his skin against her there.
Her head rolled back, at her core, she was molten and melting and she clenched her legs together. He knew it; shame filled her as his eyes read her so easily. His hands slid down her body, to her waist. “Your waist is smaller than your clothes let on,” his large hands spanned her waist, squeezed before moving lower, and covered the round curve of her butt. As his hands slipped below her skirt, she gasped and then he began to mold and caress her trembling flesh. “And these cheeks, these are the cheeks that have taunted me every day. I only need to think of your beautiful, full, round ass and I get hard. When you bend over, I want to become an animal and take you fast and hard from behind, with you on your knees so I can watch your ass move with my thrusts. Do you feel how hard you make me, now that I finally have you in my hands?” He pulled her to him and she felt him hot and thick against her and moaned his name, pleadingly.
“Yes, sweetheart, that’s what I’ve been longing for, to hear you moaning my name. Do you feel what you do to me? A week filled with wet dreams about your body. Do you know what a wet dream is, Elise? It’s when a man dreams he’s having sex and wakes up in a state of need as thick as I am and sometimes a man even comes in his sleep. That has been my week of torture, dreaming that my cock is buried deep in your pussy, wanting you so badly I come from the dream of it. I want you to say it. ‘I am so beautiful and sexy that I make Dmitri come in his dreams for me.’ Say it.” He hissed in her ear.
Her body was on overload, the feel of him hard against her was making her want to cry out in need. The lewd, graphic words he spoke excited her. His accent was again caressing her name and making it into a promise. His voice had dropped to a lower smoky timber that was vibrating down her backbone. She wanted him closer; she wanted to crawl inside his skin. “I’m so beautiful,” he pressed against her and her arms went around his neck to bring him closer to her but he resisted, whispering in her ear to repeat his words. His breath was hot against her ear and just like that, a gush of liquid spilled onto her already moist panties. “I’m so beautiful and sexy that I make Dmitri come in his dreams for me.” She panted out.
“Again, say it again.”
“I’m so beautiful and sexy that I make Dmitri come in his dreams for me.” She was breathless now.

His hands were at the zipper at the back of her skirt. He unzipped the skirt and then ripped the skirt in two, yanking it from her body. “You are a beautiful woman and anyone who doesn’t see that, including you, is an idiot. I don’t want to hear another word on this subject again. Do you understand?” At her jerky nod, he was gone.


  1. Wow! I love that you made Ellie curvy! I've not read one book with such a character. I am adding this one to my wish list!

  2. A curvy sexy Ellie? of course its going on my Cury Girl Wishlist.