Saturday, August 30, 2014

Into your life some flakes are going to fall

You meet someone and you're sure they're good peoples and normal until you make the mistake. You ask them for a favor or even worse, they offer to do something for you. Then it happens, or rather it doesn't happen. The date approaches and you try not ask about it as frantically as you feel. Then the day passes without the person coming through.  They have flaked on you. 

The feelings flash, anger, sadness, resentment. Personally, I'm not one to ask for favors or to ever depend on anyone else. I don't often accept even when someone offers their help, because I don't like to feel like I owe someone anything. In your new endeavor there will be people who will know because they are so close to you they know how often you use the restroom a day. Then there will be the people who you can't help but share your news with because it's so exciting. People, friends, family and even sometimes those you won't know will want to 'help'. They will offer sweetly and with enthusiasm. You won't want to impose, 'no but thank you' and then you'll shoot yourself in the foot and say yes. 

They will, of course, have the best intentions. You'll believe them and stupidly you'll depend on them. There's the big things, like needing beta readers and then the not so big things that feel huge when they aren't done, like reviewing your book once it book has been posted. 

Here's the thing, I'm sure they meant every word they said. The fact remains that more than half the people who promise you something won't come through. Whether it's being a beta reader, reading your book once it's been finished or writing a review of your book once they'd finished. 

Know it, accept and breathe deep. Your loved ones, friends and acquaintances will flake on you. You will swear long and hard and then you'll wish harm on them and then finally you'll get over it. Flaking is going to happen, it will happen to you and at some point you will flake on someone. 

My best advice is don't put all the eggs in one basket. I started with seven people who said they would be beta readers and I ended up with four and only two of them read all seven stories. If I had has many reviews as I'd been promised by family and friends, I'd be at over forty (I'm at 11 now). Accept that if you do accept assistance from others it won't always work out the way you hoped it would. That's life and just remember if it's really bad, there's something called karma. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meet Setta Jay a Paranormal Erotic Romance Writer

Hi, my name is Setta Jay. First, I’d like to thank Fiona Murphy for inviting me post on her blog.

A little about me… I’m afraid I’m not overly exciting. LOL I’m a thirty seven year old stay at home writer thanks to my amazing husband. We’ve been together thirteen years and celebrate our tenth anniversary soon. I love animals, reading, travel, and posting man candy pictures on my Facebook page.
I currently write erotic paranormal romance. I may venture into other erotic subgenres at some point, but for now I have my paranormal series. I write hot, sexy alpha males who tend to enjoy a bit of kink. Some like to share, and others are ultra-possessive with exhibitionist tendencies. My heroines are strong, yet feminine and always smart enough to live. If you enjoy a book with a meaty plot, and enough explicit sex to set your reader on fire, then my books might be for you. There are sleeping Gods, creatures that resemble ones found in Mythology, Guardians and Demi-Gods scorching up the pages in dominant fashion.

My Guardians of the Realms series is as standalone as possible, but there is story line and subplot continuation between the books. If you want a free taste, I’ve written a short story prequel, Hidden Ecstasy, which you can download at all available retailers.

Setta is currently hosting a giveaway, click on the link below to enter.

You can find Setta Jay on
Her website:
Twitter: @SETTAJAY_ 

Short story prequel to the Guardians of the Realms Series. 

For the last several centuries, Vane, son of the Goddess Athena, and Immortal Warrior Niall, has been avoiding exile to the Immortal Realm. He and his dark, brooding twin and their sister have hidden among humanity, on Earth, ever since the Gods were sent to sleep for their sins. 
Brianne was one of only three female Guardians of the Realms. It was her duty to ensure that humanity evolved without being subjugated by more powerful beings. For too long she had succumbed to the lure of a strong and sexy Demi-God that could never be hers, one that she should have exiled long ago. 
Their desire was breaking all the rules… 

Warning – This story is intended for a mature audience and contains explicit sex and a dominant male behaving badly.

As one of the twelve Guardians of the Realms, Urian has spent the last several centuries in a constant battle to keep the inhabitants of Earth’s Realms under control. Humanity needed to evolve, hell beasts needed to die, and Immortal races needed mates. Unfortunately, he found that he cared less about duty, and more about when his sexy voyeur would again grace the shadows to watch as he and his brother Guardian shared one of the human females frequenting the club. All Guardians were forbidden contact with the little goddess and her brothers, but his need for her was escalating. He found it more difficult than ever to keep from pinning her face down on the nearest surface, and making her his. 

Alexandra and her brothers have avoided exile from the human Realm for centuries, ever since the Creators sent the Gods to sleep for their sins against humanity, and banished the Immortals. She has always known that she was needed on Earth. Only once had she gone against her instincts and the price she paid will forever haunt her. It is for that reason she forces herself to stay away from the only male that has ever truly enticed her. The only one that has ever made her flesh heat, and her stomach quiver with desire. 

In desperate need to help her beloved brother, she will have to go to the enthralling Guardian, her dark obsession. He is her best hope to get the help she needs, even though he would surely attempt to exile her. She won't go easily… 

Warning – This book contains explicit and sizzling sex scenes with big dominant males that like to share. MFM, ménage, and light bondage

Gregoire has spent centuries with his brother Guardians fighting for the safety and security of the Realms. Endless decades of battling mixed with bouts of mindless sex to sate his needs. Needs that haven’t truly been fulfilled since she was born. The one destined to be his bonded mate. For the last twenty five years Gregoire has kept his distance giving her time to grow into a female who is capable of handling his intense dominance. 

Alyssa has done everything that was expected of her, until the day she finds out she has a mate who has left her unclaimed. Unheard of when mates are rare and coveted. Even worse is the fact that he is the most powerful of her race and a Guardian of the Realms. Furious at the rejection she decides she is now in charge of her life. No more will she allow others to rule her. 

Against the backdrop of evil forces that are conspiring to topple the Realms, can Gregoire find his wayward mate before she is taken by corrupt Immortals? Can Alyssa forgive him and learn to exert her own female power while surrendering to his savage passion? And will the two of them be able to forge a mate bond that cannot be severed... or will they be forever cursed with an Ecstasy Unclaimed? 

Warning – Dirty talking, possessive alpha male; scenes of sexual exhibition; an instance of f/f; spankings and more 

A headstrong sassy mortal, Rain is a Mageia living in Tetartos, the Realm of beasts and Immortals. Her nights have been restless, filled with sensual dreams of a big blonde Guardian whose glares indicate he wants nothing to do with her. She is determined to shake off the odd feelings until she finds out her dream lover is responsible for her rescue from a demented Demi-God. In doing so, his touch ignites something rare and coveted. Something that she’s never anticipated… Something he should have told her about. Rain is set on making him explain and then feel the full force of her ire. 

After a devastating betrayal resulting in the loss of a close friend a century ago, Dorian refuses to trust or engage with Immortals other than his Guardian family. His years of brutal fighting in the underground Immortal rings are over. He patrols the Realms and slakes his lust with the humans on Earth. Existing, but not living as he used to. He knows the moment he scents Rain that he has found his mate and after touching her he plans to avoid her as long as he can... Until he learns she is in danger. Raging, his beast demands that he go to her, but taking her from their enemy has repercussions he fully plans to escape at all costs. 

For Dorian, finding a way out of mating Rain means he could succumb to madness and harm those that mean so much to him… but giving in to his burning urge for her means losing control in a heated mating frenzy sure to ignite them both and link them forever. 

Warning: This book is intended for adult audiences; brief instances of M/F/F and M/F/M ménage; voyeurism and sexually explicit scenes. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Running a new giveaway

In celebration (?) of lowering my prices I am running a new giveaway. Enter to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card and a $5.00 Amazon gift card and a free ebook from my catalog. It starts Sunday at midnight on the 17th until the 24th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget that Abby has Gone Wild is still free and available everywhere, even iTunes!

This is a standalone novella at 39,561 words, it is an erotic romance with explicit language so please be aware that it is graphic in nature before purchasing. 

Below check out the second excerpt from Abby has Gone Wild

If I thought he was done, I was so very wrong. He sends me texts begging me to call him. Then he gave up and pretended like I was responding and we were having conversations, long texts about what we were doing at the time. He was funny and sarcastic and he had me laughing again. Then he sent texts that were so hot I don’t know how my phone didn’t melt. Even though I told myself not to, I gave in. I used my vibrator, wishing it was him as I came to his words. What made me crazy was he knew I did it. I don’t know how he did but he knew. He was making me crazy and that had to be the reason, the only reason, when after three weeks he calls me late on a Saturday night I answer.

I open my mouth to tell him to stop calling but instead I moan his name and sigh. I’m still trembling from the orgasm I’ve had to the text he’d just sent. His intake of breath is clear.
“Abby, did you just come for me?”
“Yes.” I whisper, floating as I drift back from the stars.
“Are your fingers still in your pussy?”
“Yes.” I moan as my fingers linger in my wet pussy.
“I want you to lick your fingers baby. Taste yourself the way I tasted you after you left me standing in the parking lot with your juices on my fingers and my dick hard.”
I do as he orders and sigh. I know the taste of myself and I like it.
“Abby, I want to bury my face in your pussy and taste you all over again. Is your clit still tender?”
“Hmm.” Sitting up, I undo the clasp of my bra that I’d been in too much of a rush to remove and just pulled up to get at my aching nipples.
“What are you doing baby?”
“My bra, tight, taking it off.”
“Your breasts are so beautiful, my cock is twitching thinking of them. Are your nipples hard, have you been playing with them while you read what I want to do to you?”
“Yes.” I whisper, ashamed as I attempt to sooth the tight peaks.
“Don’t baby, don’t sound like that. I wrote it to make you come. I wrote it because I can’t be near you and I want to be so badly. But if you aren’t ready for that, I’ll take what I can get.
I wish I were there with you now. I want you to take a nipple into your mouth and suck it deep into your mouth. Will you suck your nipple for me baby? Suck it deep into your mouth and play with your nipple with your tongue. That’s a good girl I can hear you moaning. Say my name. Say it.” I moan his name and he sighs. “Good girl, now do the same to your other breast but now I want you to use your teeth just a light grazing of your teeth and then suck it deep inside your mouth while your tongue plays with it. That’s it baby, you like that don’t you? I can hear you that you do. Put your fingers back in your pussy.
Put them back in for me. I want you to slide your middle finger deep inside yourself while you suck your tits.” I can only moan his name. He’s setting my body on fire all over again from his words. His voice in my ear makes it feel like he’s here with me. “I’m looking at your tits right now. I can see they’re wet from your mouth, make them wetter for me. Suck them into your mouth and then I want you to take a nipple between your fingers and roll it around and squeeze it, almost till it hurts. Your little gasp just caused my cock to jerk, I’m leaking all over my cock for you. Is your finger still in your pussy, sliding into you where my cock should be?”
“Yes, oh yes.” I’m so close. I want to come.
“Not yet Abby, don’t come yet. I want you to add another finger to your pussy. Do it for me baby, add another finger for me. Feels good, you like that?” I can only sigh, and whimper, speech is too much for me. “That’s good baby, now a third finger, add a third finger. Now I want you to slide your thumb up to your clit, I know it’s swollen and as hard as my cock. Slide it over again and again.” I’m sobbing with the power of my climax and my body is shaking. I want him here with me and it’s his name on my lips as I fall apart. His breath is hard in my ear and through the phone I can hear his hand stroking his cock. Then he groans my name and I know he’s come for me. 

Moaning, feeling lost and alone I roll over in bed and bury my face in the pillow. Knowing I have no other words left, I end the call. Then terrified of what might happen next, I turn off my cell.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Unsure of which direction to go

I enjoy blogging, it's the throwing against the walls to see if they stick. I don't really know that I want a response, I'm often just thinking out loud and am tired of hearing my voice when I'm talking to myself. When I started this blog it was my, sit my ass down and write something and make it coherent assignment. In research I had found the authors that blog had more success so while it felt mandatory it also was a small ocean of sanity in the chaos of writing and editing. In the past some of the blogs wrote themselves and others it was like pulling teeth. A suggestion someone came up with was have someone else write a blog post once a month and that's one less blog I have to write.  To which I say, I just don't know if my control freak nature will allow that. 

The problem is on one hand I'm inside jumping for joy and clapping my hands at the thought, then when I really think about it, I'm cursing long and hard and burying my face in my hands shaking my head, don't do it, don't fucking do it. Um, that should be the end of it right? But no, I keep thinking about it and it's something that could work out really great or it could blow up in my face and be a complete and utter clusterfuck. Yes, I did do an interview with Christa Tomlinson and it was worked out great. But, what about the other times? I am a huge fucking bitch and extremely picky when it comes to what I like to read and what I recommend to others. While, I did interview Christa there was also three paragraphs of the reasoning why and this might not ever happen again. What if I ask someone to do a guest spot and they say no or worse they say yes and it comes out awful? I obviously cannot say that but the whole time I'll be thinking it and wanting to kick my own ass.

I wouldn't want to have anyone on who's book I haven't read and right now I barely have time time read the book for book club. So this would add to an already jammed up schedule. I just don't know right now. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tips and etiquette that if you follow just might help on Twitter

I'm wasting time on Reddit/Self-publish and for what has to be the tenth time I see someone ask what's the deal with Twitter. It didn't work for them, should they keep trying, do they really need it? Every single time I know all the ways they have dropped a pretty important ball. So I'm just going to say, yes-Twitter is important and it's FREE and learn how to use it. 

1. DO NOT tweet your book over and over on the hour every hour. If I have shrugged and followed you, I will unfollow you. A few (2-3)times a day, MAX. 

 2. Retweet other people for fucks sake. This is not that hard, and don't tweet them musing on the peanut butter sandwich they're making. If they are posting a giveaway or something about their book retweet that, think of it this way, would you rather have someone retweet you bitching about traffic or the one of two times you'll tweet about your book today? It's so fucking not rocket science. 

3. Sure, tweet about traffic or your musings on Kim K.-if you must- but try and keep it as professional as you would say at work. It's okay if you joke with a coworker about the Biebs but you don't share every little thought-unless it's so damned witty you just can't help yourself, fine. Be your authentic self but there's ways you can do that without letting it all hang out. And as this about attracting and connecting with readers, really all of the noise in your head doesn't need to be shared with one and all on Twitter.

4. If this is your twitter for your writing don't do the politics, religion thing-just don't. I have unfollowed people who have gone there and I don't agree with. Yes, you have the right to your beliefs and I have the right to not hear about them by unfollowing you. 

5. Say thank you for the retweet, it's polite but if you ever want me to retweet you again-return the favor and don't tweet me bitching about my hair. Again, you know which tweet you want others to read, if I tweeted your promo check me out and retweet my book or promo. It'll take you three minutes tops and I just might tweet you again. 

6. Even better, say thank you to people who tweet you in #FF which notes people who are cool and retweet and people might want to follow them.

7. This a slippery thing for me and I admit I feel bad that I don't. People out there thank their followers but I don't because I have had to unfollow so many people that I don't auto follow back and it seems more rude to thank someone for following when I know I'm not going to follow them. If you are another erotica or romance writer then sure, I'll usually follow. If it's a blogger or someone who's bio says they like to read then I'll follow. But I'm not following the book quote peoples-my feed is full enough so I'm not going to follow. Also, those people who never ever retweet and are only following me because I retweet-nope not following you or tweeting your ass, it's called karma. 

8. Follow the writers in your genre, if you're writing science fiction do not follow and retweet erotica authors, this is the oddest thing I've seen happen. This might explain why no one is paying attention to your tweets. 

9. Follow bloggers, this will help you see what other writers in your genre are doing and what does and doesn't appeal to you. Tweet them as well, if there comes a time when you would like to ask them to host a spotlight or giveaway this will go a long way. 

10. Think of Twitter as a big party, if all you do is talk to about yourself and don't let others be heard your circle will grow smaller and smaller. If you're off in the corner not talking to anyone or even trying then you're not going to have a good time. 

For the record, if you follow me and I follow you back, just know I regularly check if the people I'm following still follow me and I will unfollow you. 

 Now, if there's anyone out there who knows how to use Facebook could you please share some notes on that? Thanks!