Friday, March 21, 2014

Cover, blurb and excerpt for His Secretary with Benefits


Laura is a blonde with a bombshell body that has men drooling over her and treating her like a blow-up doll, to be used only for their pleasure. Growing up, Laura was taught sex was a dirty thing and it wasn’t to be enjoyed. Her first boyfriend did a good job of making sure she didn’t; same with her ex-fiancé. A job offer comes her way that has Laura’s interest, an assistant is leaving her position and is trying to find a replacement. The only thing is, her replacement has to be willing to let her boss have his way with her whenever and however he wants. Laura’s shock is quickly sidelined as the woman describes the complete and utter satisfaction she finds in her boss’s demands. Having never experienced that kind of pleasure before and wanting to know what it’s like, Laura agrees to meet Paul.

The very first time she meets him, she knows he’s what she wants, what she needs. It will be mutually beneficial for the both of them. Hot, satisfying sex on tap for the both of them. That’s all she wants, all she’s looking for, right? Falling in love isn’t on the agenda for either of them. 


“Tell me why someone as beautiful as you would want this job.” His dark chocolate eyes were intent on her, and she couldn’t even blink. The thought of breaking the connection was painful.
“Kelly, she said you were an amazing lover and she couldn’t get enough of you. She said that just thinking of you made her pussy wet. I want to know what that feels like.”
His hand stilled on her thigh, and he picked up her hand, which was clenched in a tight ball. At his touch, she opened her hand and he brought it to his mouth. His kiss was just a light touch against her open palm, but she felt it in her clenched pussy. “How is it that you have never felt desire before?” He breathed the words against her skin.
“My mother.” She swallowed, fighting to get the words out. “She was the daughter of a preacher and she made it clear to me that a good girl doesn’t like sex. Sex is something that was to be endured and not sought out. So I wanted to be a good girl, and even though I had boyfriends, I couldn’t let my mother’s words go after hearing them for so long. But…” Her eyes slid down his body. She was afraid to continue.
“But?” His mouth closed over her finger, and his hot mouth sucked the digit deep into his mouth. The velvet of his tongue learning her skin made her wet, and she clenched her thighs together.
Her tummy curled and her breathing fractured. “But my boyfriends, they didn’t seem to care about what I wanted and what felt good to me, so it wasn’t that hard to be good. I have never been wet with anticipation before. I looked at sex as something I had to do, not something I wanted to do. When my fiancé and I broke up, I was more than content to not be with someone again, but it’s been so long now. It’s becoming so that my vibrator isn’t enough, and I want more.” She leaned into him, greedy for the touch of his body against hers.
Allowing her finger to fall from his mouth with a soft kiss at the tip, he kept her hand in his. “How long has it been since your last lover, your fiancé, I presume?”
“Yes, it’s been two years.”
“How many lovers have you had?”
“Are you on birth control?”
“Yes, to even out my periods.”
His dark eyes studied her intently. “If you agree to this then you need to know that your body, your pussy, belongs to me, and me alone, while this lasts. Everyone but me is off limits. Do you understand that? No one gets close enough to even touch you.”
His fierce words thrilled her and scared her. “Kelly’s body wasn’t off limits.” She felt the need to remind him.
“Kelly doesn’t make me so hard that I’m about to come without even being inside you.”
Paul wanted her, badly. It sent a thrill through her, and she nodded. “But it goes both ways.”
His eyes roamed over her body and slid back up to her face, and he nodded his agreement. “Let me see your body.”
Laura stood on legs that trembled, but her hands were oddly steady as she unbuttoned the plain white blouse and let it fall to the floor. As she drew the white camisole over her head, she brushed one of her breasts. The slight touch made her already hard nipples edge toward pain within the black silk bra. With a slight movement at the catch of the bra between her breasts, they swung free, heavy with desire. Her areolae, normally a pale pink, were dark with desire, her nipples hard and begging to be sucked. Her hands went to the back of her skirt, and slowly she unzipped it and pushed it down her hips. She let it fall down her legs. Her thong was only a whisper of black silk that barely covered her. Untying the catches at the side and it floated to the floor, leaving her bare wearing only her heels. His eyes roved over her, missing nothing, not even the juices that slicked the bare lips of her pussy. She could smell herself, and as he sat just inches away from her, she wondered if he could too.
He motioned to the chair across from him. “Bring the chair closer, and open your legs so that I can see your pussy.”
The smooth, cool leather was a shock to her overheated skin. She was embarrassed to feel her juices pool beneath her. Spreading her legs to him as far as she could within the confines of the chair, she could tell he wasn’t pleased with the view. Taking a deep breath, she moved one leg and then the other over the arms of the chair, and was now spread wide for him to see.
“Yesss, that is a good girl. Now I want you to touch yourself until you come.” His words a hiss of sound.
A part of her was shocked, another part of her gloried in his instructions. Her fingers moved easily inside her dripping wet pussy as she ran one finger lightly over her clit, which was so tight and sensitive even a light touch almost set her off.
“Tell me what you’re thinking of. What are you imagining?”
Her eyes locked with his. “You. I’m imagining you. You’re licking my wet pussy, your tongue on me. Over and over again you lick me deep and suck my clit hard.” Slipping two fingers inside her pussy she wanted to make it last, but knew she was already close to coming, so hot and wet. “And then you turn me over and lean me over your desk. You pull up my skirt and your cock is inside me, filling me up.” Oh God, she wasn’t going to make this last. She was too hot. She tugged at her left breast, twisting the tight bud. “Your hands are hard on my hips, and you are pounding into me, harder and harder.”
She was there, too close. “More, please more.” She moaned, and then she slid over the edge.
As she floated back into her body, the room was silent but heavy. Paul’s eyes on her were almost feral with need.
“I told you she was what you needed.” Kelly smiled with satisfaction.
     Laura startled, she hadn’t even realized Kelly was standing beside Paul and wondered how long Kelly had been there watching her.
“What I need right now is for you to take care of this raging, hard dick.” Paul’s eyes didn’t leave hers, and Laura knew it was her mouth he wanted on him. She watched as Kelly went down on her knees in front of him.
Unsure of what she should do now, Laura found herself unable to look away as she watched Kelly take his gorgeous cock into her mouth. His cock was as stunning as he was, long and hard. Its tip, dripping pre-cum, glistened proudly. Laura’s mouth watered at the sight of him. He wasn’t as large as Jeff, but he was still larger than average, and he looked satisfyingly thick. Without even realizing it, she began to touch herself again, her juices flowing faster than before at the sight in front of her. She looked up and met his gaze. The slurping sounds drew her once again to Kelly’s ministrations. Laura was impressed at how much Kelly could take of him; again and again his dick moved in and out, as if he were fucking Kelly’s mouth. It sent Laura over the edge again, and she came in short pants. As she came, she watched him spurt into Kelly’s mouth. Kelly seemed to relish his come, milking him with both hands, her tongue moving over him for every last drop.
Laura’s pussy ached at the sight before her. She felt empty inside. Drawing her legs from the arms of the chair, she squeezed them tightly. She watched Paul lean down and whisper something to Kelly. Kelly nodded and stood, then turned to Laura with a smile. “Let me help you dress.”
Standing on legs that felt wooden, she allowed Kelly to help her. Within minutes she was dressed. When she was done, she turned back to see Paul also dressed again and watching her intently.
“I think this is going to work out very well for the both of us. You start next Monday.” It’s an order

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