Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why I am not following or retweeting you back on Twitter

Interesting how I went batshit crazy while writing and editing for a week and barely opened Twitter only to find I'd gained several new followers. Because I know how important Twitter is and an important tool I did still do my best to retweet people who were kind of enough to retweet me because that's what I do. If a fellow writer retweets me I will retweet them (BTW pinned posts are great if you want people to retweet you easily) any way I do this because it's the right thing to do HOWEVER if I don't here's why. 

Yes I tag my stuff EARTG for erotica which yes basically porn for most people, lots of shorts and reading one handed. Yet for me my writing is erotic romance, for me I have to be able to take away all the sex scenes and there still has to be a solid, heartfelt story or I don't write. That's the difference that I seem to be having a problem with on some people who follow or retweet me. I get it, it's hard and you want to do something to set yourself apart from others and do what you can to catch people's attention. But if you are tweeting pictures where tits and underbits are hanging out then no, I will not retweet you. If you are tweeting your cover or pictures with writing that talk about a pussy or cock or fucking then no I will not retweet you. There's a difference between sex and sexy and that line isn't the same for everyone, for me I don't think it's that hard to tell. But hey that's just me. 

I've included this in another post but maybe you haven't read it, fine. If you only tweet about yourself or your books or quotes then NO I will not follow you back because all you want is for me to retweet your stuff without you returning the favor. This isn't rocket science, it's pretty basic if you want followers and you want people to tweet you then tweet them back and if someone has been kind enough to tweet you and follow you then return the favor. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Still think Kindle Unlimited is the answer to your prayers?

Everyone is freaking out over the changes to KU in payment, with good reason. Being paid less than a penny for a page of writing is going to be painful for a huge chunk of those currently in KU. The erotic short authors especially. Many authors throwing in their two cents point out the erotic shorts were already getting more than their 'fair' share because they were getting about 1.30 per read whereas people writing non-erotica were writing longer 'better' stories and still only getting 1.30 per read so the payout is just being evened out. Hmm...erotica let's be honest porn has always cost more-from magazines where Playboy costs $6.99 and People magazine costs $4.99 from DVDs $24.99-29.99 hardcore porn to latest Hollywood blockbuster $14.99 to $19.99 so what erotica writers were doing wasn't anything different than what every other form of media was doing.

While this is good to clear out those trying to game the system by being jerks putting out 'books' that were only a few pages of nonsense to get KU buyers to download open and get a dollar a pop for doing nothing. I also think it's good for those authors who cling to Amazon as if there was no other port in a storm to wake up and walk out into the fucking sun to see outside the walls of Amazon. People are whining 'KU is the only way I make money' I just don't believe that because I am not on KU and more than half of what I make comes from Nook and a quarter from Draft2Digital a distribution chain that pushes my books out to Apple, Scribd, Kobo, and Nook if I wanted. There's also All Romance-I have tried multiple times to put my books on it but I haven't been able to. So I'm saying if KU is the only place your books are selling it's because it's the only place you've tried-like anything it will take time to gain traction for sales and three months off KU isn't enough to get it. Don't go exclusive and if you're good and you remember this is no sprint, run the long race you'll find your buyers. Here's the thing to be be aware of for all erotic shorts writers, Smashwords-another distribution chain- (harder for me to work) and Nook let it all hang out. I knew that about Smashwords but in researching if you go onto Nook and want to post all the dungeon stuff Amazon won't let you, you can actually put it in the title of your books on Nook, daddy stuff (ick-no judgement) pseudo incest, lactation and all kinds of stuff Amazon presses the no button on. So to all those who say I can't make money writing hard core taboo erotica on other venues-that's a load of crap. Sure it isn't 70% but it's more than 1.30 the buyers will pay for the 2.99 some even have their's priced at 4.99 and while their sales are huge they look good. Amazon isn't the be all and end all. Blah, blah, blah Amazon is a company and a company is here to make money. So here it is you are self-publishing to make money so do it in all the ways you can. Does Doritos only sell only at Walmart because they are the largest grocery store? No, they sell at other grocery stores and they sell at the convenience store and Walgreens and even though they're chunk from Walmart might be fifty percent they're still getting checks from all the other places and in this business, right now literally every freaking penny counts. 

School yourself, peoples, no one is going to care about your success than you so act like it. If you are writing to make a quick buck in your spare time and are crying into your emptying penny bank Amazon used to fill then please move to the side so the people who do want and need to write can actually do their job. For years I wrote without actually believing it would be published because from the way most writers talked getting published, staying that way and making any money from it was as hard as finding an oasis in the desert. The way writers spoke in interviews they made it seem like try to do anything but become a writer and I get it. To write alone is painfully hard, to find the right words, to edit, to enjoy the flow when it's happening and to get it going when the flow stops. Writing is fucking hard, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Seriously, if you are happy as an accountant, a teacher or whatever 'real' job you have where you earn enough money to pay your bills and have good benefits then enjoy and don't feel like you have to write then for the love of your sanity-don't just don't do it. I'm not whining, I'm not exaggerating, I'm not complaining. This isn't easy and if you think it is then you don't care enough about what you're doing to put out the absolute best product you can. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

His Healing Touch-Cover, blurb, and excerpt

His Healing Touch

Maggie Pruitt can take care of herself, thank you very much. She doesn’t need the drool-worthy ER doctor carrying her away from her problems. Although, she is pretty impressed that he’s strong enough to carry her size fourteen muffin-topped butt away if he wanted to.
Only Maggie doesn’t want him to. She’s worked hard to make her life her own. She’s a web designer who makes her own hours, which might be twenty four hours or until she drops, whichever comes first. She has her own apartment that might feel and be empty even after living there for four years, so what. She makes enough to indulge her passion for traveling and she prefers going alone because then there’s no one to tell her they don’t want to spend hours in a museum. She has a best friend who keeps her connected to real life and can pull her away from her laptop, even if it’s just one friend it’s still a friend. She has a good life, and most days she’s fine with it.  She’s been taking care of herself for years and she doesn’t need anyone’s help.

Okay, maybe just this once, and just until she can walk without crying. Besides, this is a one-time kind of thing. It’s not every day a nearly one hundred pound Rottweiler takes off on her without warning. As soon as her right ankle stops exploding in pain when she steps on it, and her left knee stops feeling like it’s being poked with a sharp object, she’s out the door.

She’s gone this long by herself, and really, she’s happier that way... really. Now, if it’s sex he’s after that’s something she’s very willing to have the doctor’s healing touch for. Besides, it won’t last long, it never does. So she’ll enjoy it until he comes to his senses and realizes he could do better.

Because, as far as everything else in her life is concerned, she’s fine. Really.


I swallow the last of my orange juice with a sigh of contentment. His mother is an amazing cook. Eyeing the unopened bottle of water, I give in. I’m opening it when Nick appears in the doorway. He’s changed into a simple white dress shirt, open at the neck, that makes his skin glow, damn, he’s beautiful. A goofy grin comes over me I can’t stop. “Hi.”
He smiles widely. “Hi, I was going to ask how you’re feeling but something tells me the painkillers have kicked in. Let me take a look at your ankle.”
“I like the painkillers.” I nod as I shake the bottle gleefully.
His laughter fills the room. Prying the bottle slowly from my hand he sets them back on the table. “I can tell. It’s okay to like them because you need them, for now. In a few days you won’t need as many. Soon you won’t be taking any painkillers.
Mournfully, I look toward the painkillers. “You’re right. Taking painkillers when you don’t need them is naughty. I’m already being naughty.”
“And how are you being naughty?”       
My eyes go wide, duh, “Um hello, I’m at a hunky guy’s house I don’t know which is bad enough. Then I can’t stop staring at your dimples. I really, really like your dimples.”
He smiles widely, ah those dimples. “Amada, I think I’m going to be as sad as you will be when you stop taking your painkillers if they’ll always make you this honest and happy.”
“Hmm…they make me honest but it’s you that makes me happy.”
Eyes dark he takes a step toward me with a very intent look. Uh oh. I shift, sending the tray almost to the floor. Lightning fast reflexes keep the plate and tray from hitting the floor. He sets them on a long low dresser. Shaking he head he turns to me, “Mi amada, you could tempt a saint and I am no saint. Let me wrap your ankle back up.”