Friday, March 21, 2014

Cover, blurb and excerpt for His Next Chapter


        Lukas Everett is Avery Parker’s new reclusive landlord. He’s gorgeous but damaged, as damaged on the outside as Avery is on the inside. A car accident that killed his wife left him with physical scars that cause him to hide from the world. Avery hasn’t had it easy in her few physical relationships and isn’t looking to get involved with anyone, let alone someone as cold and hard as Lukas. Lukas seems just as intent at keeping her at bay, even though she knows he feels the same longing she feels. With her mind telling her to run and her body begging her to stay, Avery accepts his job offer. She discovers that Lukas doesn’t just own properties but is hiding behind a pen name as a popular writer that she herself has enjoyed. It isn’t long before Avery demands all the passion she sees in Lukas, but will she just be the next chapter in his story or will they find their own happy ending?


“So, you got what you wanted. I fucked you until you came so many times I lost count. There’s no chance of me saying it wasn’t just as good for me. Is that it? Was that enough fucking for you? Needs satisfied on both ends, we go back to the way it was?”
His eyes are a flat black, and his jaw gives nothing away—it’s the grip he has on my hand that tells me everything I need to know. My left hand is underneath his left hand, lying still on my thigh. I pull out from beneath his hand and guide it down over my uncovered pussy. “The way it was before today was both of us hot and aching for each other. Why would anyone want to go back to that? My pussy is yours until you say otherwise. I told you before, I go when you say I go.”
I smile at the relief in his eyes and the gentle slide of his finger along the slit of my pussy. It isn’t until that moment I realize I’ve been just as tense as him. I open my legs wider, and he smiles as he slips a finger inside me and finds me wet for him. His cock is thick and hard against my ass, and it’s instinctive to rub against him.
His hand slides up my body to cup and mold one of my breasts, then he teases a hard nipple. His other hand brings my face closer to him, and his kiss is soft and thorough, and I sigh. “Not just your pussy, Avery, all of you. I’ve never had a woman come from just sucking her nipples. I love the way your body seems always ready for me. I have to be honest. I’m not satisfied, far from it. I’m going to need your body for much longer than tonight. I want you in my bed at night and you with me during the day. Is that all right with you?”
Both hands are on my breasts now, teasing and pinching, and I’m on fire for him. “Hmm, an almost empty apartment with an air mattress and two vibrators or a comfortable apartment with a nice, soft bed that will have a disgustingly gorgeous man with a lovely, thick cock who makes me wet just thinking about him, who will fuck me at all hours of the day. Let me think.” I tilt my head to the side and am rewarded with pleasurable pain at the tips of my hardened nipples. Moaning, I nod. “Yes, yes.” I’m rewarded with a sucking kiss at my neck and rubbing to soothe my aching nipples. It reminds me, though, and I feel like I have to ask, have to know first.
It’s hard, but I slide off him and turn to face him. I know I only managed to get so far away because I surprised him, and I place a hand on his chest as he moves to pull me back to him. “Please, Lukas. I just need to ask you something and I—”
I can’t believe how hard it is after everything we’ve done together in just the last few hours, and I catch my lip in my front teeth and try to find the words.
“Talk to me, Avery.” Black eyes are intent and a hand strokes my cheek.
I feel so stupid for asking. He would never hurt me; deep down I know that. But the need to ask is too strong to ignore. “When you spanked me, I won’t lie. I liked it a lot, but I was just wondering. Are you into that, you know, that BDSM? I—”
Lukas laughs in a great, loud shout I would have appreciated if it didn’t feel like it was directed at me. My look tells him so as I cross my arms at him. Hands, gentle yet firm, tug at my wrists to bring me back to him, and he pulls me over his hard, warm body until we are face to face. A smug smile is on his gorgeous face as he feels my body respond to him all over again. “Are you afraid I have handcuffs and a riding crop hidden in the closet, Avery? Are you worried I would get off on treating you like a slave, to be used for only my pleasure? What are you worried about the most?”
“That you are, and even though it doesn’t appeal to me, I would do anything to please you.” It’s a whisper of sound, and my throat is tight as I admit my biggest fear. His eyes darken with something I can’t identify, and his lips find mine. Everything I needed to know is in that kiss, gentle, soothing, and soul touching.
His hands are in my hair again. “I’m not into that stuff, Avery. I don’t want to hurt you and make you a slave to me. I think it’s clear that we both are feeling a little slavish to this need for each other. I don’t get hard at the thought of causing anyone pain.

However, I’ve been with enough women to know there are times when just a little pain can heighten pleasure. Like I told you when I spanked you, you’re already feeling so good because blood is rushing to your pussy in anticipation of my cock. The spanking can make it better—nothing crazy, just a few well-placed smacks. We will never do anything you don’t want to do, ever. I only want to give you pleasure, if you are ever uncomfortable with anything, just tell me and we’ll stop. Your body is yours to control. I’m just here to make you feel good.”

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