Tuesday, September 30, 2014

His Marriage Demand Excerpt


“Employees aren’t allowed to fraternize with guests. If management finds out, they’re gone, no ifs ands or buts. Please move, Mr. Hawthorne, I need to get back down to the front desk.”
He doesn’t move, only shakes his head. “Two years, two years of lies from you. Where was he last time? Los Angeles, updating the systems at an oil company you said. Before he was in Atlanta, a conference. Last year he was in England.” He’s moving now, stalking me across the room. 
“Employees aren’t allowed to fraternize with guests.” I repeat haltingly, “I’m sorry, but I need this job. What you want, you can get anywhere.” I accuse.
“Do you think I haven’t tried? Believe me, I’ve tried. Two years of cold showers and sleepless nights. Every time I left here I promised myself I’d take the first woman who looked my way. Only none of them, none of them looked at me like you do. As if I was everything they wanted but couldn’t have, with hunger making your soft brown eyes go almost black. None of them smelled like you, none of them had the soft curves that tremblSed when I came near. None of them made me want them the way I want you. Kissing them, I wondered what you tasted like. Holding them against me, I knew they didn’t fit me as well as you would. Two years, of apologies as my dick wouldn’t get hard because they weren’t you.”
His words hurt, the idea of him with other women. I tried not to think of him away from the hotel. It didn’t mean I succeeded, in bed when I was alone, I thought of him. I wondered who he was with, what they looked like. Then I heard what he was really saying. I’m shaking my head, no. This can’t happen, no matter how badly I want him. He’s blunt, he’s demanding and he doesn’t care about the rules because rules didn’t pertain to men like Drake Hawthorne. He’d take what he wanted and when he had his fill, he’d move on. Then I’d be left jobless and broken-hearted. If it were just me, then maybe I would take the chance. It’s not an option though, I have Justin to think of and I can’t, I just can’t.
I’m still shaking my head when his hands come down on my hips and he pulls me to him. I barely have time to take in the feel of him against me when his lips come down on mine. His beautiful full and thick lips are as soft as I always knew they would be. One taste, I promise myself and open my lips to him. The velvet slide of his tongue is a welcome invasion and I’m as hungry to learn the taste of him as he is of me. In seconds, hunger becomes devouring and we both go up in flames. My arms are up around his neck and he pulls me tighter, as if he can’t get enough. I feel like my whole body has been lit on fire and only he can soothe the burn. Deeper, more, I need more. I’m fighting for air when he finally pulls away, his eyes have gone sapphire dark.
His voice is deep and husky, “Marry me.” It’s a command, he’s not asking.
Shock hits me, he can’t have said what I thought he said. He nods, as if I’ve spoken. “Marry me. For two years, I’ve wanted no one and nothing as badly as I’ve wanted you. Every time I looked at the gold band on your finger, I wanted to yank it off and beat the hell out of the man who’d gotten to you before me. I hated this unknown man as much as I hated myself for burning and wanting another man’s wife. Crazy thoughts of wanting to know everything about him then the next moment knowing I didn’t dare. I wouldn’t stop myself from destroying him simply for having you when I couldn’t.
Marriage isn’t something I ever thought I would do again. I’ve grown to the idea of my ring on your finger. My ring telling all other men you’re mine and they can’t touch you. I don’t want one night with you, I want your days and everything else I can get.
There will have to be a prenup, I won’t be stingy. When it ends, I’ll make sure you’ll be provided for.”
He had me, I can’t believe I was about to open my mouth to say yes. How the fuck could I say yes to a command like that? Still, I was going to. Hearing him confess to the long nights of desperate need, I understood all too well had me melting. Until he mentioned the prenup and it being over. It wasn’t the prenup, men as rich as Drake Hawthorne aren’t stupid enough to marry without a prenup, especially after how badly his last marriage ended. It was understandable he’d want one considered airtight the second time around. I would have willingly signed on the dotted line to have him. Knowing he was already seeing the end before we even began is what has me pulling away and he lets me go. His smile is satisfied, he thinks he’s going to get his way. Men like him always get their way. A tiny kick of pleasure at denying someone as powerful as him gives me the backbone I need. I straighten and look him in the eye, “Thank you for the offer, Mr. Hawthorne, I’m going to decline. If you need anything further, please ring the desk.”
He’s surprised, giving me the time I need to escape his room. Drake catches up to me at the elevator. His hand on my wrist is almost punishing, I flinch. He lets go when he sees it. “What the hell did you just say to me?”
I don’t dare look at him, keeping my eyes on the progress of the elevator. “I said, no. If you need anything further, please ring the desk.”

He yanks me around to face him. “Explain that, no, after you kissed me like you wanted to fuck me for days.” 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rafael's Woman

This will release on 10/11 and will be .99 cents until
10/16 when it will go up to $2.99

Carrie Whitney’s young twin brothers have messed up one too many times and if she can’t get Rafael Castillo to change his mind then they are going into juvenile detention and they’ll be lost to her. She has no choice but to go to Rafael to beg for her brothers to be given another chance. Nothing goes as planned, and in a whirlwind of tears and accusations Carrie finds herself in the arms of a man she knows has the power to make or break her world. He wants her, short and chubby Carrie never believed a man like him could want her but she knows it from the look in his eyes and his touch. Never expecting to find someone like him, she is willing to take him anyway she can get him. Too soon and yet not soon enough she’s begging him for what she knows he’s only prepared to offer her. A relationship based only in her bedroom, no promises, no holding hands and she’s sure she can hold out long enough until he figures out he cares about her the way she knows he does. Yet, as the weeks turn into months without the words she needs Carrie isn’t sure she can continue. Far too quickly the question becomes, has she read into his touches and kisses more than there was or does he love her as much as she loves him? If he does love her then why won’t he move them out of the bedroom into the world outside of it and if he doesn’t how long can she continue to simply be Rafael’s Woman?
                Rafael Castillo wasn’t expecting the tiny woman with the bright blue eyes to turn his world upside down and he doesn’t like it. It doesn’t matter what he wants, family expectations mean a woman like Carrie is off limits. She’ll want and deserve marriage and she isn’t the type of woman he’s expected to marry. Her offer of a sex only relationship is a blessing and curse, he doesn’t care what she says he can see the love in her eyes. Lying to himself he takes what’s offered and plunges deep into something he never thought he’d feel or know again. He’s always disdained the hot-headed Latin stereotype so why the hell does the idea of sharing or seeing Carrie with anyone else but him send his temper soaring? This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go and now that he’s lost in her beautiful body the way out of their nights locked in her room away from the pressures of expectation is harder to find.  

His Marriage Demand

Coming October 11th

For two years Ria has longed to touch the fire in Drake Hawthorne’s eyes but she doesn’t dare. The hotel where she has worked has a strict hands off patrons policy and if it’s found out she’s even lingered too long in his room she’ll lose the job she’s worked so hard for. Maybe if she were more reckless and willing to step out on a ledge she would but she isn’t and she can’t. Because it isn’t just Ria’s welfare at stake but her little brother’s and she’s not able to put his happiness on the line for her own. So she’ll keep hiding behind the meaningless wedding ring and fake husband that she knows is the only thing that has kept Drake from pushing her for more. She’s seen too many rich and powerful men like Drake Hawthorne to know they didn’t care about the havoc they left behind only the moment where they got what they wanted. Ria needs more than a moment, she wants and needs forever.

When Drake finds out there isn’t a husband he demands marriage and Ria opens her mouth to say yes until warns her about the ending. Marriage shouldn’t come with a time limit and Ria refuses to give in. Just when it looks like forever is promised will a threat from her past cost her the future within reach with Drake?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just do you

Look, I am in no way whatsoever claiming to be an expert at anything (except blowjobs) however, like many writers I'm observant and because I want writing to be my full time job I'm reading, watching and learning the skills I didn't know were required to succeed. Am I going to? It's early yet but the cause and effect thing seems to be working out so far. I have already figured out that while I do want to finish the series I started in the urban fantasy category (I had wanted three books and then another tie in to it) I will never stop writing erotic  romance because I love it so much. I've even been open with people I've met (outside of work because ehhh on work knowing, too damn whatthefuckever to go into) as far as I'm concerned if there are enough readers out there that have blown up this segment of sales then someone has to write it and why shouldn't it be me?

I will admit I had first thought a year or two of writing erotic romance however many books that meant and then move on to my other project and leave the erotic romance behind. BUT regardless of that, I wanted my blog to always be exactly who I am because I do believe the voice I write with is a part of me and if you don't like me because I'm a smartass, somewhat snarky bitch then you won't like my books. My characters aren't as snarky or smartass because honestly I'm kind of sick of reading that character, along with the sweet as pie damsel in distress. However my writing style is the same, as is my flow which is a big deal to readers. I can't read Michael Connelly because his style is too dry and clipped, now Stephen King's long winded description of setting a scene makes me nuts. No matter what someone is writing, their writing voice remains their own along with their style.

I have had a girl crush on Jen Lancaster for over ten years now. I love her bitchtastic humor so I love reading her blog, she is who she is without apology. She can make a trip to Target a zing-filled romp that has me giggling and gasping for air. So when I started blogging I knew it was important but not exactly how. I thought of it as a way of making sure the reader had a place to connect and check out the writer before hitting buy. If they didn't like my voice as a blogger then they weren't going to buy and then complain about it later. I knew I had to blog exactly as I am, that's why as I mentioned in earlier post I have made no pretenses or attempted to be anything other than who I am. From my twitter to my blog and Facebook, if you liked looking at half-nekkid men then you would like my twitter feed and someone who has no problem posting picture after picture of said half-nekkid men are no shrinking violets who blush at a curse word and tip toes around a subject. I post about self-publishing and things I think might help others because I like helping others (I'm weird that way-but I HATE sharing candy or food of any kind) this self-publishing thing is hard as fuck and it's nice to get a hand up or learn something from someone rather than through painful experience. So if I can help someone it gives me a warm fuzzy. That's who I am. 

If you like that kind of person you'll like my books, if not then you won't and you saved some time and money. I'm not writing sex shorts, slam bam thank you m'am. I'm writing a story that hopefully, is good enough to excite, move and give the reader a few hours of enjoyment. My hope is a reader connects with the story and when they do, in the briefest way they are connecting with me. If I did a good enough job they will want to come back for more and since I can't write as fast as most people read, hopefully they will come to my blog and try to make that connection by reading about the crap going on at work, me sarcastically harping on the bullshit moves of Amazon or me now making a nerd of myself as I talk with authors I enjoy reading. At a meetup recently I was attempting to convey the importance of blogging and how it can bring readers to you, not you running around trying to get them. I swear it was almost like the person was trying to not get the point. The point, to this long rambling post is actually really simple: Be who you are and like will find like and like will appreciate like and your reader will find you. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rafael's Woman Excerpt

“We need a few suits for her.”
Finally, Carrie found her tongue. “Two suits, black and silver and two blouses, white and black please.”
Biting back the urge to smile, Rafael shook his head. “Four suits, the black and silver she mentioned, another in blue, and the other in tan. Five blouses to change out with the suits as well.”
The saleswoman smiled at him, she knew who was in charge and who would be paying. She wasn’t going to let it stop at two. “Of course, sir. We do have several suits that will fit your request. A size fourteen, I believe. We have a nice selection, are you looking for skirt suits as well as a pant suit?”
“The skirt would need to go to her knees, nothing shorter than that.” Rafael didn’t like the idea of her in a short skirt, with men looking at her all day. What the fuck was the matter with him? How a woman dressed had never bothered him in the past, although he found deep cleavage and extremely short skirts distasteful. Yet, the idea of Carrie’s body on display in the slightest way made him want to put her in a caftan.
“This way, miss, let’s get you settled into a dressing room. I’ll bring them through for you to try on.”
Rafael checked the time, he was behind schedule. He hated running late. His schedule was important to him and his day was planned well in advance. Running late or a change in his schedule usually made him extremely cranky, now he simply shrugged. Carrie needed new clothes, what she needed she would get. Pulling out his phone, he called his secretary to let her know he was now likely going to be an hour behind his schedule. She might as well cancel every meeting he had on his calendar for the day. He’d been practically worthless yesterday, only his anger at Benny kept him focused. That was after only spending a few hours with Carrie, she would be taking up half of his day today. He was almost positive he wouldn’t get a damned thing done once he left her.
The clicking of her heels had him turning to look at her. She had a hand on her hip and she was taunting him. The skirt was so tight he wondered how she walked in it. It only went to mid-thigh, if she bent over it would be indecent. The cock-swelling curve of her ass already made the skirt a threat to a man’s good sense. How did a woman as short as she have legs so perfect they made a man want them wrapped around his waist? Her expression was one of boredom. She really didn’t seem to know she was playing with fire. His eyes went to the saleswoman; she took the hint and went into the back.
“Carrie, you heard me say the skirt would have to go the knee. Yet, you chose to flaunt a very short skirt at me.” Walking toward her slowly, he kept his voice low. His hand went around the wrist she had at her hip and pulled her until she was only inches from him. He could hear her breath catch. “You know you are a beautiful woman, you could wear a nun’s habit and a man would dream of tearing it from you to find out what was beneath it. Wearing a skirt so short shows a man exactly what is available to him and entices him to touch the skin on show. Are you offering yourself up to my touch, mi dulce? Hmm, do you want my hands to stroke the lovely skin you are showing me? Will that be all I am allowed to touch, or will you allow me to go higher? Do you want me to go higher, is that what you are telling me? The skirt is tight enough your gorgeous ass begs for attention. If attention is what you are wanting, mi dulce, I will give you all my attention, until you beg me to stop. Is that what you want?” He whispered the words in her ear, she shivered and swayed toward him. An all too brief brush of her soft breasts against his chest had him hard as a fucking rock.
Still holding onto a small part of sanity, he dropped her wrist, her beautiful eyes were hungry and scared. Saving them both, she turned and fled.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Jordan Silver, writer of dominate sexy Alpha males

I'm a huge fan of Alpha males in my romance reads. I was looking at an author favorite of hot Alphas I had found and a suggested author that came up was a book by Jordan Silver. Son of a bitch she has the same cover I do. That was my first introduction, I clicked and it wasn't super obvious but it was clearly the same original stock photo used, I clicked on the title and read the blurb. It seemed hot but I shrugged because I was mainly just disappointed someone so popular had a cover that looked so close to mine. 

Then every time I went onto Amazon a title of Jordan's would come up. It felt like I was being taunted but again and again she came up under other writers with hot Alpha men. One time a story came up that caught my eye and I gave in and bought it. I gobbled it up like candy. I loved it, a super hot, uber-Alpha men with sex that was panty melting hot sex off the charts and have been reading her often over the last year. We have been tweeting each other lately and now that I am inviting an author on once a month I really wanted to ask Jordan for an interview. With over forty five books written, I wanted to know how she did it (considering I practically broke my arm patting myself on the back for completing seven in one year, I could hardly wrap my head around forty five) I asked and she was kind enough to agree. 

What motivated you to become an indie author?

I wrote for an online website and some of my readers thought my work was worth publishing so I mulled it over for a while not really sure how to go about it as it was relatively new to me anyway. Then someone told me I couldn't do it and so here I am.

How do you write, do you use outlines or anything like that?

I don't have any one particular writing style. I think I'm a bit disorganized because I let the voices in my head lead. I can be writing one story for instance and someone else would knock on the door and demand I pay attention to them, it can be a real riot.

Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

I vaguely remember the first story I read but I remember the first to have an impact on me, it was Surrender by Helen Mittermeyer I still own a copy to this day thirty years later.

What are your five favorite books, and why?

Wow ok let's see the first would be Surrender as I mentioned because the emotion in that book touched me at twelve and thirty years later it still does.

Velvet Angel by Jude Devereaux I loved the passion of the hero in that one

Sweet Baby by Sharon Sala just loved the storyline and the way she brought everything together 

Warrior's Woman by Johanna Lindsey because it was frakking hot

All of the In Death series by Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb because I love how she keeps them alive in my head

Any authors you currently enjoy reading and why. 

I haven't really read anyone else's work since I started seriously writing, one because I don't have the time, and two because I don't want to be influenced in that way if that makes sense. If I find myself with a free minute, I watch people, I get lots of ideas from watching people. I still buy tons of books because I always tell myself I'll get to it, but I never really ever find the time.

What made you want to write?

I've always loved writing since about the age of eleven or twelve. I got my love of writing from my love of reading, I used to sneak my grandma's Mills and Boons as a kid and fell in love with love and romance.

What led you to write such strong Alpha males?

I write strong alphas because that's all I know. My husband is nuts and I get a lot of my ideas from dealing with his brand of fuckery everyday. 

 What are you writing now and when will we see it?

I'm working on a lot of stuff at the moment, as to what will be next I'm not quite sure. I might have one thing in mind, but the freaks in my head may have other ideas. Right now I'm working on My Little Farm Girl, Illicit, The Bad Boys of Capitol Hill, Naughty Neighbors, Bad Boys Book 4, Spitfire series book4, Tyler SEAL Team Seven book 2, Hold Me If You Can The Mancini Way Book 2 and The Wives Book 2 along with about ten other things that I have started.

You can find Jordan every where:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jordan.silver.54
Twitter: @JordanSilver144
Her website: http://jordansilver.net/
Check out her Author Page on Amazon for a look at her large catalog: Jordan Silver

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cover Reveal for two upcoming Books

Cover Reveal 

Blurbs will come soon

A giveaway just because 

Don't forget Abby has Gone Wild is still free, for now.

This is a standalone novella at 39,561 words, it is an erotic romance with explicit language so please be aware that it is graphic in nature before purchasing. 
Below check out the second excerpt from Abby has Gone Wild

If I thought he was done, I was so very wrong. He sends me texts begging me to call him. Then he gave up and pretended like I was responding and we were having conversations, long texts about what we were doing at the time. He was funny and sarcastic and he had me laughing again. Then he sent texts that were so hot I don’t know how my phone didn’t melt. Even though I told myself not to, I gave in. I used my vibrator, wishing it was him as I came to his words. What made me crazy was he knew I did it. I don’t know how he did but he knew. He was making me crazy and that had to be the reason, the only reason, when after three weeks he calls me late on a Saturday night I answer.

I open my mouth to tell him to stop calling but instead I moan his name and sigh. I’m still trembling from the orgasm I’ve had to the text he’d just sent. His intake of breath is clear.

“Abby, did you just come for me?”

“Yes.” I whisper, floating as I drift back from the stars.

“Are your fingers still in your pussy?”

“Yes.” I moan as my fingers linger in my wet pussy.

“I want you to lick your fingers baby. Taste yourself the way I tasted you after you left me standing in the parking lot with your juices on my fingers and my dick hard.”

I do as he orders and sigh. I know the taste of myself and I like it.

“Abby, I want to bury my face in your pussy and taste you all over again. Is your clit still tender?”

“Hmm.” Sitting up, I undo the clasp of my bra that I’d been in too much of a rush to remove and just pulled up to get at my aching nipples.

“What are you doing baby?”

“My bra, tight, taking it off.”

“Your breasts are so beautiful, my cock is twitching thinking of them. Are your nipples hard, have you been playing with them while you read what I want to do to you?”

“Yes.” I whisper, ashamed as I attempt to sooth the tight peaks.

“Don’t baby, don’t sound like that. I wrote it to make you come. I wrote it because I can’t be near you and I want to be so badly. But if you aren’t ready for that, I’ll take what I can get.
I wish I were there with you now. I want you to take a nipple into your mouth and suck it deep into your mouth. Will you suck your nipple for me baby? Suck it deep into your mouth and play with your nipple with your tongue. That’s a good girl I can hear you moaning. Say my name. Say it.” I moan his name and he sighs. “Good girl, now do the same to your other breast but now I want you to use your teeth just a light grazing of your teeth and then suck it deep inside your mouth while your tongue plays with it. That’s it baby, you like that don’t you? I can hear you that you do. Put your fingers back in your pussy.
Put them back in for me. I want you to slide your middle finger deep inside yourself while you suck your tits.” I can only moan his name. He’s setting my body on fire all over again from his words. His voice in my ear makes it feel like he’s here with me. “I’m looking at your tits right now. I can see they’re wet from your mouth, make them wetter for me. Suck them into your mouth and then I want you to take a nipple between your fingers and roll it around and squeeze it, almost till it hurts. Your little gasp just caused my cock to jerk, I’m leaking all over my cock for you. Is your finger still in your pussy, sliding into you where my cock should be?”

“Yes, oh yes.” I’m so close. I want to come.

“Not yet Abby, don’t come yet. I want you to add another finger to your pussy. Do it for me baby, add another finger for me. Feels good, you like that?” I can only sigh, and whimper, speech is too much for me. “That’s good baby, now a third finger, add a third finger. Now I want you to slide your thumb up to your clit, I know it’s swollen and as hard as my cock. Slide it over again and again.” I’m sobbing with the power of my climax and my body is shaking. I want him here with me and it’s his name on my lips as I fall apart. His breath is hard in my ear and through the phone I can hear his hand stroking his cock. Then he groans my name and I know he’s come for me. 

Moaning, feeling lost and alone I roll over in bed and bury my face in the pillow. Knowing I have no other words left, I end the call. Then terrified of what might happen next, I turn off my cell.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The cost of self-publishing

Okay, book is done and it's time to take all the finished pages and bundling it up into a pretty package for sale. Oh, you thought the countless hours spent writing and revising it into coherent and intelligible story was all you needed to do? That's cute. 

First and foremost, did you get it edited? No, you edited it yourself? Editing is the hardest thing to do because as the storyteller you know the story and see it happening on the walls of your mind. From painful, extremely painful experience you're going to miss something and when you see it, it will be so blatant and visible that it will stun you. From personal experience I know editing yourself doesn't work. How much does an editor cost? Depending on length novella thirty thousand words to novel length eighty thousand words, $300 to $1,000 which is a fuck load more than you thought it would and now you're starting to see the dollar signs and you're telling yourself you can do this yourself. 

Indies make a mistake and every single one is pulled apart and commented on and deducts from the appeal in the reader's eye. It doesn't matter that there are fat, ugly books sitting on the shelf on Barnes and Noble, those mistakes get shrugged off and practically ignored. You make a mistake or your book isn't as good as you can afford to make it you're going to see it, it will come out in your reviews (the ones you're lucky to get). Think about cost versus benefit. 

Cover, already discussed in another post,  $30-$1000 it's your call.

Okay, okay, cover in place it's written and polished and now time to upload for sale. Okay, now's the time to format. Do you know HTML? I don't even know what the fuck it really is, some kind of code. I have two HTML books for dummies and spent a weekend locked in my room trying to convert my book for upload to Amazon. By the time I was done I had gone through four bouts of tears and spent more hours in a fetal position on the hard fake wood floor than I care to count. If you flinch at the talk of code, you have to pay to have it formatted, if you don't then you can do it yourself (and I hate you). It's the most basic thing and it seems so easy but if you don't know what you're doing it will show and you're going to piss off the reader. Professional formatting cost? Depending on length most run about $150 if it's really long it could hit $200. Thinking about taking a class, aren't you? That's just for Amazon, epub file is the Nook and Apple and Kobo format. I don't even know what it is but if you pay a formatter they will give you both files in the cost. 

Self-publishing isn't cheap, there are always going to be ways to cut costs but consider does the benefit of the cut outweigh what you are getting? I'm going to warn you right now, never work with friends or family and never let anyone do you a favor. Your book and your goals will never be as important to someone else as it is to you. Pay for it and they'll deliver, don't pay it and the frustration could sever or strain ties. Is it worth it, hell if I know. What's the cost of the dream? Maybe, like anything the question is, what is it worth to you?