Saturday, February 14, 2015

Covers again? Yes because they are just that important

Covers are almost, almost more important than the story inside because if your cover doesn't look good and attractive then no one is going to even open it see what's inside. I'm not going to admit how many free ebooks I've downloaded let's just say it's more than I'll ever read in my lifetime. However, not one of them has an unappealing cover because even for free I won't download and take a chance on something I think is bad. Because I do feel that a bad book starts with a bad cover and I'm not the only one. So unless you have a background in graphic design and you can honestly say it looks as good as something sitting on a bookshelf in Barnes and Noble than work with a cover artist, it's essential to the success of your book and you.

As I mentioned yes, I have already done a blog on covers (Of course people judge books by their covers) You can check that one out because only repeating two from that post. I am only endorsing Cheeky Covers because I know and have worked with Carrie and I can't see myself using anyone else. Repeating Alchemy book covers because again their cost is so low on premades and they have a huge selection of them most premades are only $65 but they have a selection of sale premades that are only $25.00 you can't even get a stock photo for that lately. I like their selection, across all genres, not so heavy on romance and erotic romance but several look great for romance.

Mayhem Cover Creations  was a recommendation, great covers. They do all types from thriller to romance but they seem to interchange the same covers so although the premades are a a great price at $69 you might need to ask for a custom cover and they have different packages starting from $119 and go to $199.

Bioblossom Creative  rates are kind of high with premades at $99 but as I have done more looking this time around that seems to be where the premades are starting out a custom cover is $199. The covers are a wide range but not many are romance.

Adipix Design is custom covers only but the pricing is great when compared with others and her previous covers are really eye-catching and impressive price starts at $115 and could go up to $215

ProBookCovers is another custom cover designer, his designs are mainly sci-fi and fantasy, even horror and thriller. They look great and although the custom cover pricing at $169 is pretty good right now he appears to be having a sale for $99. 

Lime Light Book Covers another custom covers only designer who mainly seems to genres other than romance most of them look great but I admit there were a few that had me cringing however the designer seems to be willing to go back and forth until it's right so at $99 it looks like a great deal. 

AM Design Studios really impressed me with their premades which seems to specialize in the fairy and romance with premades starting at $59 and custom covers at $200.00

I hope these help and if anyone uses them and has feedback they'd like to share hit me up. 

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