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Cover, blurb and excerpt for His Back Bay Princess

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This is a standalone novella at 27,009 words.
While there are explicit sex scenes, beta readers have labeled this more Steamy Romance than Erotic Romance. However, as I was shooting for Erotic please be aware of graphic language and explicit sex scenes before buying.

His Back Bay Princess


Diego Suarez is a Boston homicide cop who comes from a completely different world than Catherine Fisher. He’s the son of Mexican migrant farm workers; she can find the founders of Boston in her blue bloodline. He had to endure a stint in the Marines to fund college; she went to a private university and her graduation present was a three-story home in Back Bay, where Diego couldn’t even afford property taxes. They are different, too different for it to work out between them. Cat deserves better than what he can give her. It will never work.
It doesn’t matter if the only time he feels alive is when he’s with her. It doesn’t matter that she looks at him with all the love she feels for him in her eyes. One day she’ll wake up and figure out she can do better than him. It’s better to never start something that won’t last, can’t last.

Catherine doesn’t care about money, the having of it or lack of it. All she cares about is Diego. After Diego has been shot and she is asked to look after him, she knows she has just one last chance to find out what is keeping Diego from her. She knows he feels something for her, so why is he pushing her away? 


What had followed was a night of sex so hot and raw the memory of it had been burned into him. When his need for her became too strong, those memories were all he needed to stroke his cock to in the months since. He had wanted no other woman but Cat. The idea of taking some other woman in place of her had been repulsive. The memories of that night were better than sex with a woman other than Cat could ever be. He hadn’t been able to get enough of her. Again and again he had reached for her and taken her in every position he’d dreamed of her in. Every time she’d willingly followed his instructions. On her knees she’d wiggled her sweet ass for him, and she’d ridden him, in total control and loving it. She had been just as greedy for him as he was for her; her tongue had roamed over his body until he thought he’d lose his mind, and he pushed her back into the bed with his body. Twice, though, he hadn’t been quick enough for a condom, and the feel of her around him had been worth the fear that he might make her pregnant.
He hadn’t slept that night, not wanting to miss a moment with her. He’d allow her small moments of sleep but he wasn’t able to close his eyes. Watching her was more important than sleep. As he had watched her, he knew what he had to do, and although he practiced it over and over in his head, the words had stung like acid on his tongue as he said them. He had pulled away from her and gotten dressed before she woke, and watched as she stretched and opened her beautiful eyes and smiled at him. For a moment the love he saw there almost stopped him, but he shook his head and remembered the promise to himself.
Even now, the memory of her frozen expression and the tears that flowed unchecked, tears she didn’t even seem aware fell, caused an ache in his chest. He had never wanted to hurt her—it was for her own good. He had to remember that. No matter what his body wanted, he couldn’t have her.

Now, in a bed in her house knowing that she was just a few feet away, the memories taunted him. He considered changing out of the tight jeans but decided maybe the suffering was what he deserved for having her when he knew he couldn’t keep her. He wondered what she slept in, or if she slept as naked as she had in his arms that night. He groaned and adjusted the aching part of his body that right now hurt almost as much as the shot to his shoulder. He squeezed his eyes closed and tried counting sheep, and when that didn’t work he took his mind through the last case he had worked. It didn’t matter that it was a case full of bloody bodies and gunshots—it was better than thinking about the feelings he had for a woman he couldn’t have. 

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Cover, blurb and excerpt for His Secretary with Benefits


Laura is a blonde with a bombshell body that has men drooling over her and treating her like a blow-up doll, to be used only for their pleasure. Growing up, Laura was taught sex was a dirty thing and it wasn’t to be enjoyed. Her first boyfriend did a good job of making sure she didn’t; same with her ex-fiancé. A job offer comes her way that has Laura’s interest, an assistant is leaving her position and is trying to find a replacement. The only thing is, her replacement has to be willing to let her boss have his way with her whenever and however he wants. Laura’s shock is quickly sidelined as the woman describes the complete and utter satisfaction she finds in her boss’s demands. Having never experienced that kind of pleasure before and wanting to know what it’s like, Laura agrees to meet Paul.

The very first time she meets him, she knows he’s what she wants, what she needs. It will be mutually beneficial for the both of them. Hot, satisfying sex on tap for the both of them. That’s all she wants, all she’s looking for, right? Falling in love isn’t on the agenda for either of them. 


“Tell me why someone as beautiful as you would want this job.” His dark chocolate eyes were intent on her, and she couldn’t even blink. The thought of breaking the connection was painful.
“Kelly, she said you were an amazing lover and she couldn’t get enough of you. She said that just thinking of you made her pussy wet. I want to know what that feels like.”
His hand stilled on her thigh, and he picked up her hand, which was clenched in a tight ball. At his touch, she opened her hand and he brought it to his mouth. His kiss was just a light touch against her open palm, but she felt it in her clenched pussy. “How is it that you have never felt desire before?” He breathed the words against her skin.
“My mother.” She swallowed, fighting to get the words out. “She was the daughter of a preacher and she made it clear to me that a good girl doesn’t like sex. Sex is something that was to be endured and not sought out. So I wanted to be a good girl, and even though I had boyfriends, I couldn’t let my mother’s words go after hearing them for so long. But…” Her eyes slid down his body. She was afraid to continue.
“But?” His mouth closed over her finger, and his hot mouth sucked the digit deep into his mouth. The velvet of his tongue learning her skin made her wet, and she clenched her thighs together.
Her tummy curled and her breathing fractured. “But my boyfriends, they didn’t seem to care about what I wanted and what felt good to me, so it wasn’t that hard to be good. I have never been wet with anticipation before. I looked at sex as something I had to do, not something I wanted to do. When my fiancé and I broke up, I was more than content to not be with someone again, but it’s been so long now. It’s becoming so that my vibrator isn’t enough, and I want more.” She leaned into him, greedy for the touch of his body against hers.
Allowing her finger to fall from his mouth with a soft kiss at the tip, he kept her hand in his. “How long has it been since your last lover, your fiancé, I presume?”
“Yes, it’s been two years.”
“How many lovers have you had?”
“Are you on birth control?”
“Yes, to even out my periods.”
His dark eyes studied her intently. “If you agree to this then you need to know that your body, your pussy, belongs to me, and me alone, while this lasts. Everyone but me is off limits. Do you understand that? No one gets close enough to even touch you.”
His fierce words thrilled her and scared her. “Kelly’s body wasn’t off limits.” She felt the need to remind him.
“Kelly doesn’t make me so hard that I’m about to come without even being inside you.”
Paul wanted her, badly. It sent a thrill through her, and she nodded. “But it goes both ways.”
His eyes roamed over her body and slid back up to her face, and he nodded his agreement. “Let me see your body.”
Laura stood on legs that trembled, but her hands were oddly steady as she unbuttoned the plain white blouse and let it fall to the floor. As she drew the white camisole over her head, she brushed one of her breasts. The slight touch made her already hard nipples edge toward pain within the black silk bra. With a slight movement at the catch of the bra between her breasts, they swung free, heavy with desire. Her areolae, normally a pale pink, were dark with desire, her nipples hard and begging to be sucked. Her hands went to the back of her skirt, and slowly she unzipped it and pushed it down her hips. She let it fall down her legs. Her thong was only a whisper of black silk that barely covered her. Untying the catches at the side and it floated to the floor, leaving her bare wearing only her heels. His eyes roved over her, missing nothing, not even the juices that slicked the bare lips of her pussy. She could smell herself, and as he sat just inches away from her, she wondered if he could too.
He motioned to the chair across from him. “Bring the chair closer, and open your legs so that I can see your pussy.”
The smooth, cool leather was a shock to her overheated skin. She was embarrassed to feel her juices pool beneath her. Spreading her legs to him as far as she could within the confines of the chair, she could tell he wasn’t pleased with the view. Taking a deep breath, she moved one leg and then the other over the arms of the chair, and was now spread wide for him to see.
“Yesss, that is a good girl. Now I want you to touch yourself until you come.” His words a hiss of sound.
A part of her was shocked, another part of her gloried in his instructions. Her fingers moved easily inside her dripping wet pussy as she ran one finger lightly over her clit, which was so tight and sensitive even a light touch almost set her off.
“Tell me what you’re thinking of. What are you imagining?”
Her eyes locked with his. “You. I’m imagining you. You’re licking my wet pussy, your tongue on me. Over and over again you lick me deep and suck my clit hard.” Slipping two fingers inside her pussy she wanted to make it last, but knew she was already close to coming, so hot and wet. “And then you turn me over and lean me over your desk. You pull up my skirt and your cock is inside me, filling me up.” Oh God, she wasn’t going to make this last. She was too hot. She tugged at her left breast, twisting the tight bud. “Your hands are hard on my hips, and you are pounding into me, harder and harder.”
She was there, too close. “More, please more.” She moaned, and then she slid over the edge.
As she floated back into her body, the room was silent but heavy. Paul’s eyes on her were almost feral with need.
“I told you she was what you needed.” Kelly smiled with satisfaction.
     Laura startled, she hadn’t even realized Kelly was standing beside Paul and wondered how long Kelly had been there watching her.
“What I need right now is for you to take care of this raging, hard dick.” Paul’s eyes didn’t leave hers, and Laura knew it was her mouth he wanted on him. She watched as Kelly went down on her knees in front of him.
Unsure of what she should do now, Laura found herself unable to look away as she watched Kelly take his gorgeous cock into her mouth. His cock was as stunning as he was, long and hard. Its tip, dripping pre-cum, glistened proudly. Laura’s mouth watered at the sight of him. He wasn’t as large as Jeff, but he was still larger than average, and he looked satisfyingly thick. Without even realizing it, she began to touch herself again, her juices flowing faster than before at the sight in front of her. She looked up and met his gaze. The slurping sounds drew her once again to Kelly’s ministrations. Laura was impressed at how much Kelly could take of him; again and again his dick moved in and out, as if he were fucking Kelly’s mouth. It sent Laura over the edge again, and she came in short pants. As she came, she watched him spurt into Kelly’s mouth. Kelly seemed to relish his come, milking him with both hands, her tongue moving over him for every last drop.
Laura’s pussy ached at the sight before her. She felt empty inside. Drawing her legs from the arms of the chair, she squeezed them tightly. She watched Paul lean down and whisper something to Kelly. Kelly nodded and stood, then turned to Laura with a smile. “Let me help you dress.”
Standing on legs that felt wooden, she allowed Kelly to help her. Within minutes she was dressed. When she was done, she turned back to see Paul also dressed again and watching her intently.
“I think this is going to work out very well for the both of us. You start next Monday.” It’s an order

Cover, blurb, excerpt for The Gangster's Girlfriend




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Miranda Beckett has been born and bred in Chicago, and with that comes the knowledge that the city built firmly on criminal enterprises is still a city where crime is as much of the economy as the retail shops and hotels that line Michigan Avenue. Just like others in Chicago, a blind eye is a content eye—until it’s all brought into sharp focus by her younger brother one late night. She hasn’t seen her brother in years, and the last time she told him she never wanted to see him again, so she knows it’s desperation that led him to her door. Before, he flat-out stole from her, but now he’s pleading for the money. He pleas for the money that he owes the head of the IRA in Chicago, and then he threatens that Declan Kelly knows about her and that she has the money, and if she doesn’t give it than Kelly will come for it himself.
Miranda refuses her brother, and she knows she’ll be able to refuse Declan Kelly when the time comes. But she’s wrong, so very wrong. It isn’t money Kelly wants, it’s her. Her expertise as an accountant to audit his books and find who is stealing from him—that’s it, he tells her, but his eyes tell her there’s more.
Without even being quite sure how and why she agreed, a deal is struck, and Miranda wonders how long she can fight the need for a man she can’t have. It’s one thing to know what Declan Kelly does and another to allow herself become involved with him. She is sure she can keep Declan at bay—she has plans to become a gangster’s girlfriend or lose her heart to him.


Miranda wanted to run. She could see the front door and freedom, but her legs wouldn’t carry her away. How? How had he slipped through her every defense? Turning to him, she found he had moved, and he was so close, too close. She stepped back and crossed her arms. It was a blatant tell, and she couldn’t give a damn how it looked. His beautiful full lips tipped up, and he reached out and ran a finger down her arm. Through her thin silk blouse, fire followed the path he left.
“Don’t touch me.” Miranda flinched to hear the words escape her in a breathy, shallow whisper.
Declan smiled wide then, a hunter assured he had won his prey. “You say the words,” he said as he reached out and encircled her wrist in an unforgiving grip. “But your body says something very different.”
Slowly, he pulled her arm away from her body. Her other arm fell to her side, and her body was open to him. Her breasts were swollen and begging for his touch; her nipples, so tight and hard she was in pain, were on full display. He leaned down and kissed one nipple lightly. It was a mere flutter of touch, but it still burned through her blouse and her bra. She bit her cheek to hold back her moan, but there was no holding back the gush of liquid heat that spread through her. He moved to her other breast and gave it the same light kiss, and she sighed. Just as she believed that kiss was the end, his mouth captured the painfully hard nipple, and sucked it hard into his hot mouth.
She couldn’t breathe. Just when she believed she might black out, he released her breast and her legs gave out from beneath her. He caught her and swung her up into his arms. Heat seeped into every inch of her body at having so much of him pressed up against her. She wanted to sink into him; she wanted to crawl inside his skin. Then he cradled her into his lap, and she could feel him hard and thick beneath her. The feeling of him pulled her violently out of the haze of desire. She pushed away from him hard, and in his surprise, he let her go.
Landing with a thump on the floor, she saw they had made it to the long leather couch. Miranda’s face was hot with shame, and she couldn’t look at him. Looking down, she saw he had managed to undo not only her blouse but her bra, and she fumbled to close it again. It didn’t help that her breasts were still heavy and hard with need. A moan of distress escaped her when her hands refused to do what she wanted them to. His hands were there to do up the bra, and she groaned and slapped at his hands. “No, stop it. You have to stop it. I can’t do this. This isn’t me. I don’t have sex with practically random strangers, who are criminals, no less. I’m fucking frigid! My nipples do not get hard at the sight of someone. I don’t fantasize about someone’s dick and get wet just thinking about what it would be like to taste him. I can’t even get wet masturbating on my own, for fuck’s sake. No, I can’t do this. You have to stop. Please.”
At last, she managed to work the clasp of the bra back together, but gave up on her blouse. She had only managed two buttons, and they didn’t line up. She looked up at last, begging him to understand.

Declan kneeled in front of her. “Ah, sweetheart, I wish I could, but I can’t.”

Cover, blurb and excerpt for His Next Chapter


        Lukas Everett is Avery Parker’s new reclusive landlord. He’s gorgeous but damaged, as damaged on the outside as Avery is on the inside. A car accident that killed his wife left him with physical scars that cause him to hide from the world. Avery hasn’t had it easy in her few physical relationships and isn’t looking to get involved with anyone, let alone someone as cold and hard as Lukas. Lukas seems just as intent at keeping her at bay, even though she knows he feels the same longing she feels. With her mind telling her to run and her body begging her to stay, Avery accepts his job offer. She discovers that Lukas doesn’t just own properties but is hiding behind a pen name as a popular writer that she herself has enjoyed. It isn’t long before Avery demands all the passion she sees in Lukas, but will she just be the next chapter in his story or will they find their own happy ending?


“So, you got what you wanted. I fucked you until you came so many times I lost count. There’s no chance of me saying it wasn’t just as good for me. Is that it? Was that enough fucking for you? Needs satisfied on both ends, we go back to the way it was?”
His eyes are a flat black, and his jaw gives nothing away—it’s the grip he has on my hand that tells me everything I need to know. My left hand is underneath his left hand, lying still on my thigh. I pull out from beneath his hand and guide it down over my uncovered pussy. “The way it was before today was both of us hot and aching for each other. Why would anyone want to go back to that? My pussy is yours until you say otherwise. I told you before, I go when you say I go.”
I smile at the relief in his eyes and the gentle slide of his finger along the slit of my pussy. It isn’t until that moment I realize I’ve been just as tense as him. I open my legs wider, and he smiles as he slips a finger inside me and finds me wet for him. His cock is thick and hard against my ass, and it’s instinctive to rub against him.
His hand slides up my body to cup and mold one of my breasts, then he teases a hard nipple. His other hand brings my face closer to him, and his kiss is soft and thorough, and I sigh. “Not just your pussy, Avery, all of you. I’ve never had a woman come from just sucking her nipples. I love the way your body seems always ready for me. I have to be honest. I’m not satisfied, far from it. I’m going to need your body for much longer than tonight. I want you in my bed at night and you with me during the day. Is that all right with you?”
Both hands are on my breasts now, teasing and pinching, and I’m on fire for him. “Hmm, an almost empty apartment with an air mattress and two vibrators or a comfortable apartment with a nice, soft bed that will have a disgustingly gorgeous man with a lovely, thick cock who makes me wet just thinking about him, who will fuck me at all hours of the day. Let me think.” I tilt my head to the side and am rewarded with pleasurable pain at the tips of my hardened nipples. Moaning, I nod. “Yes, yes.” I’m rewarded with a sucking kiss at my neck and rubbing to soothe my aching nipples. It reminds me, though, and I feel like I have to ask, have to know first.
It’s hard, but I slide off him and turn to face him. I know I only managed to get so far away because I surprised him, and I place a hand on his chest as he moves to pull me back to him. “Please, Lukas. I just need to ask you something and I—”
I can’t believe how hard it is after everything we’ve done together in just the last few hours, and I catch my lip in my front teeth and try to find the words.
“Talk to me, Avery.” Black eyes are intent and a hand strokes my cheek.
I feel so stupid for asking. He would never hurt me; deep down I know that. But the need to ask is too strong to ignore. “When you spanked me, I won’t lie. I liked it a lot, but I was just wondering. Are you into that, you know, that BDSM? I—”
Lukas laughs in a great, loud shout I would have appreciated if it didn’t feel like it was directed at me. My look tells him so as I cross my arms at him. Hands, gentle yet firm, tug at my wrists to bring me back to him, and he pulls me over his hard, warm body until we are face to face. A smug smile is on his gorgeous face as he feels my body respond to him all over again. “Are you afraid I have handcuffs and a riding crop hidden in the closet, Avery? Are you worried I would get off on treating you like a slave, to be used for only my pleasure? What are you worried about the most?”
“That you are, and even though it doesn’t appeal to me, I would do anything to please you.” It’s a whisper of sound, and my throat is tight as I admit my biggest fear. His eyes darken with something I can’t identify, and his lips find mine. Everything I needed to know is in that kiss, gentle, soothing, and soul touching.
His hands are in my hair again. “I’m not into that stuff, Avery. I don’t want to hurt you and make you a slave to me. I think it’s clear that we both are feeling a little slavish to this need for each other. I don’t get hard at the thought of causing anyone pain.

However, I’ve been with enough women to know there are times when just a little pain can heighten pleasure. Like I told you when I spanked you, you’re already feeling so good because blood is rushing to your pussy in anticipation of my cock. The spanking can make it better—nothing crazy, just a few well-placed smacks. We will never do anything you don’t want to do, ever. I only want to give you pleasure, if you are ever uncomfortable with anything, just tell me and we’ll stop. Your body is yours to control. I’m just here to make you feel good.”

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Cover, Blurb and Excerpt for His Hostile Takeover


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This is a standalone novella at 37,274 words. This is an erotic romance so please be aware it is graphic in nature and includes anal sex before purchasing

Ellie Shaw has been in love with Greg Turner since she first met him at sixteen. It doesn’t matter that now at twenty-four he still treats her like a kid sister, Ellie still loves him. So, why did her body go haywire when she first met Dmitri Markhoff? Dmitri was taking over the company she had worked so hard to keep going; Ellie wasn’t part of the bargain. Okay, she needed the job of personal assistant he was offering, and it was only for three months. That was more than enough time to save money so that once the time was up she could support herself while she found another job, she would move back to Alexandria and be near Greg. She loved Greg. Hormones—and never having been touched—were all that was making her feel the way she did about Dmitri. She was sure of it. Besides all of that, men as gorgeous as Dmitri Markhoff didn’t look twice at women like her, who wore a dress size in the double digits; they went for models that were a size zero.

Dmitri Markhoff is a ruthless corporate raider and had long given up on soft feelings for women. He enjoyed their bodies and paid for it in diamonds and other trinkets. All he wants is Elise’s lush body, which has the kind of curves that should come with a warning sign; love isn’t something he’s looking for. When he figures out that Elise is untouched, his body goes into overdrive. Even though he’s aware that keeping her is wrong, since all he wants is sex, he’s having the hardest time letting her go.


“Why are you crying?”
She shook her head, she couldn’t look at him, but he wouldn’t let her go and his other hand was around her arm, pulling her to him. Her body came alive and it terrified her. “It doesn’t matter.” She managed to sputter.
“The hell it doesn’t matter. Tell me, right now.”
“She called me fat, and she’s right. I shouldn’t cry about it, it’s stupid to cry about it.”
His grip went tighter and his words were ice. “Who told you that? Which one of them said that?”
His hand came up under chin and tugged her face up to his. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped under her eyes. “That bitch has no idea what she’s talking about. You have no idea what you’re talking about.”
He tucked the handkerchief away and his other hand threaded through her hair and pulled the clip out that contained her hair in a sloppy bun. His hand went back into her hair and his grasp was a fraction below punishing. “You are beautiful. Every feature on your face fits perfectly and is achingly sweet. Your body isn’t a stick figure with a lollipop head. You have curves that are dangerous to my peace of mind.” His hands slid down her neck leaving a trail of fire and goose bumps. He pushed the jacket from her shoulders, a finger went up to the top of her plain grey blouse and then both hands were there, ripping it open.
Shock ran over her at his words, at the burning fire in his eyes. Her hands went up to cover herself, embarrassed by the tired white bra and aching peaked nipples. He pushed her hands away cupping a breast in each hand. “I want you so badly, if it weren’t for my belief that you’ve never had another lover I would fuck you, right here in this dressing room. Has there been another man?”
She could only shake her head. Her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth.
“I have taken cold shower after cold shower, and still I’m hard and aching to know the feel of your breasts in my hands, in my mouth. Will your nipples be the color of the blush on your cheeks or the color of your sweet ripe mouth?” His hands, big and warm, as they cupped her made her feel small and hot. A thumb toyed with a pebbled tip through the cloth and she longed to have his skin against her there.
Her head rolled back, at her core, she was molten and melting and she clenched her legs together. He knew it; shame filled her as his eyes read her so easily. His hands slid down her body, to her waist. “Your waist is smaller than your clothes let on,” his large hands spanned her waist, squeezed before moving lower, and covered the round curve of her butt. As his hands slipped below her skirt, she gasped and then he began to mold and caress her trembling flesh. “And these cheeks, these are the cheeks that have taunted me every day. I only need to think of your beautiful, full, round ass and I get hard. When you bend over, I want to become an animal and take you fast and hard from behind, with you on your knees so I can watch your ass move with my thrusts. Do you feel how hard you make me, now that I finally have you in my hands?” He pulled her to him and she felt him hot and thick against her and moaned his name, pleadingly.
“Yes, sweetheart, that’s what I’ve been longing for, to hear you moaning my name. Do you feel what you do to me? A week filled with wet dreams about your body. Do you know what a wet dream is, Elise? It’s when a man dreams he’s having sex and wakes up in a state of need as thick as I am and sometimes a man even comes in his sleep. That has been my week of torture, dreaming that my cock is buried deep in your pussy, wanting you so badly I come from the dream of it. I want you to say it. ‘I am so beautiful and sexy that I make Dmitri come in his dreams for me.’ Say it.” He hissed in her ear.
Her body was on overload, the feel of him hard against her was making her want to cry out in need. The lewd, graphic words he spoke excited her. His accent was again caressing her name and making it into a promise. His voice had dropped to a lower smoky timber that was vibrating down her backbone. She wanted him closer; she wanted to crawl inside his skin. “I’m so beautiful,” he pressed against her and her arms went around his neck to bring him closer to her but he resisted, whispering in her ear to repeat his words. His breath was hot against her ear and just like that, a gush of liquid spilled onto her already moist panties. “I’m so beautiful and sexy that I make Dmitri come in his dreams for me.” She panted out.
“Again, say it again.”
“I’m so beautiful and sexy that I make Dmitri come in his dreams for me.” She was breathless now.

His hands were at the zipper at the back of her skirt. He unzipped the skirt and then ripped the skirt in two, yanking it from her body. “You are a beautiful woman and anyone who doesn’t see that, including you, is an idiot. I don’t want to hear another word on this subject again. Do you understand?” At her jerky nod, he was gone.

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Excerpt & Cover for Abby has Gone Wild


This is a standalone novella at 39,561 words, it is an erotic romance with explicit language so please be aware that it is graphic in nature before purchasing. 

It was just supposed to be a one-time thing, posting a naked picture of herself on a social website that has hundreds of other women doing the same thing. Only, it very quickly hooked Abby on the high of knowing that others desired her body. Until it’s just one man who has her full attention. Jack is gorgeous and he wants her; and it’s Abby’s worst luck, she believes, that he’s in the same city of Austin. Abby isn’t ready for more than what she can give from behind the safety of her keyboard. But Jack won’t take no for an answer when her body and her moans are telling him yes. Having tracked her down, she finds Jack even more enticing in person than from behind the computer. She can’t ignore that her body wants him just as badly as he wants her. Jack won’t give up on her, and Abby has to decide if she’s willing to give up the safety of being alone to let Jack in.


“Hey, Abby, you’re looking gorgeous today, but you know that already, don’t you?” His voice is deep, with a hint of gravel.
The book slides from my hands. I can’t look at him, my eyes slide down to my clenched hands. My heartbeat is pounding in my ears and then he pulls out the chair and sits down. He captures my hands in his own large warm hands, and they nearly disappear. His grip is gentle and light, but it still sends fire flooding though my entire body. “It’s okay, baby. I couldn’t help it, you haven’t answered my messages. When I saw your post, I knew where you were and had to take the chance.
“Abby, talk to me, please. Tell me why you don’t want to see me when we click so well. I know we did, you told me what I sent you made you hot and wet. You told me you used not just my words, but my pictures to make you come.
Then it wasn’t just about your body. You shared your day, your thoughts on the evils of reality television, and your favorite books, it felt like more than sex. Or was it just your body you wanted to share, and you shared it with everyone on the site, and our back and forth was the same as what you did with all the others?” He asks, as he leans forward.
He’s too close. His hands are finally on me, something I never believed would happen, and he feels better than I ever could have imagined. My body is begging for more of his touch, on not just my hands but my breasts, full and swollen for him, my stomach, twitching against the material of my shirt, and my pussy, I want his touch there so badly I’m leaking onto the chair. Despite all of that, I shake my head. I can’t tell him that he’s the only man I’ve had an ongoing flirtation with. There had been a few men I had responded to, but it had quickly devolved and become scary or crude and ugly. I can’t tell him that, refuse to tell him that. I know he’ll never go away when he knows it was only him I’ve thought about for the last few months when I played with myself.
Fear of not just him, but my body’s reaction to him, gives me the strength I need. I pull away, grab my purse and flee. I’m almost to my car when he catches up to me. He calls my name but I shake my head and pull out my keys. I’m trembling so badly, my body suffering from the withdrawal of his touch, I drop them and he’s there. His hands move around me, flat on the car, caging me in with his body. No, I don’t want this, I think, even as I fight the urge to lean back into him.
“Abby,” Breath hot against my ear singes me down my spine. Need, hot and wet, flares through my body. My nipples, are tight points of pain and very visible through the silk of my bra and the light shirt. “I’m sorry if I scared you. I don’t want to scare you, baby. I just want to fuck you long and hard until you can’t move, until your pussy overflows with my come, until there’s nothing left in me. You told me you dreamed of my cock inside you, do you remember that? You told me you dreamed I fucked you for hours, and when you woke up alone and empty, you were sad. Are there others you tell the same thing to? If so, I guess I understand, but it won’t make me happy. It didn’t feel like I was being given a line, though. It felt like you wanted my cock buried inside you as badly as I want it.” He rubs his hard cock against my ass, and I can’t fight the moan that escapes me. “Tell me, Abby, are there others?” He rubs again and his hands move to my hips, his grip is firm and I feel his touch even through my clothing. The heat of his touch burns me, and then he finds the crevice of my ass and rubs against me again. My skin is too tight, my clothes hurt against my heated skin.
“Just you, Jack, no one else.” I moan.
His right hand slides down my body and I know where he’s going. I know I should close my legs and push him away. I can’t, his touch feels too good. Instead, I lean against his hard, muscled body and simply melt against him, he feels so good. My legs tremble, and I pray I can stay standing. s I open my legs, he inches up my inner thigh and finds the front of my panties soaking wet. At the feel of his fingers there I gush with anticipation for him, my hips rock forward, begging for more.
He hisses my name in my ear, “Abby, tell me.”
“I only come to your pictures and words. I only touch myself while I read what you wrote for me.” I confess and I’m rewarded with his thick fingers slipping under my panties and along the lips of my pussy. I can’t hold back the moan, I want more, need more. His touch feels so good, and I swear I can feel every ridge of detail on his fingertips—he’s moving so slowly. Groaning his name, my body is begging for more and my hips rock again. I want to cry from relief when his thick fingers slide inside me, down and then up, finding my clit swollen and aching for him. My knees give way and his arm is there around my waist holding me up against him. Just a few swipes of my clit are all it takes, and I come apart in his arms.
“That’s a good girl.” He soothes me as I shake in his arms. Then a car door slams close by.
Shock and shame flares at the extremely public location between my car and an SUV. What the fuck is the matter with me? I bend down to pick up my keys and he backs up to give me some room. “I can’t believe we did that. I, look this isn’t going to happen. I don’t want to get involved with anyone. I definitely don’t want a stalker. I’m really sorry if you feel like I led you on, maybe I did. Again, I’m sorry for that. I have to go.”
He catches my car door. “Give me your number.” It was an order, and everything that I’ve promised I would never deal with.

“No. I mean it, absolutely not. Let go of the door or I swear to god I’ll report you for harassment.” He lets go of the door and I slam it shut and start my car. Grateful no one is behind me, I pull out and skid out of the parking lot.