Friday, March 7, 2014

Excerpt & Cover for Abby has Gone Wild


This is a standalone novella at 39,561 words, it is an erotic romance with explicit language so please be aware that it is graphic in nature before purchasing. 

It was just supposed to be a one-time thing, posting a naked picture of herself on a social website that has hundreds of other women doing the same thing. Only, it very quickly hooked Abby on the high of knowing that others desired her body. Until it’s just one man who has her full attention. Jack is gorgeous and he wants her; and it’s Abby’s worst luck, she believes, that he’s in the same city of Austin. Abby isn’t ready for more than what she can give from behind the safety of her keyboard. But Jack won’t take no for an answer when her body and her moans are telling him yes. Having tracked her down, she finds Jack even more enticing in person than from behind the computer. She can’t ignore that her body wants him just as badly as he wants her. Jack won’t give up on her, and Abby has to decide if she’s willing to give up the safety of being alone to let Jack in.


“Hey, Abby, you’re looking gorgeous today, but you know that already, don’t you?” His voice is deep, with a hint of gravel.
The book slides from my hands. I can’t look at him, my eyes slide down to my clenched hands. My heartbeat is pounding in my ears and then he pulls out the chair and sits down. He captures my hands in his own large warm hands, and they nearly disappear. His grip is gentle and light, but it still sends fire flooding though my entire body. “It’s okay, baby. I couldn’t help it, you haven’t answered my messages. When I saw your post, I knew where you were and had to take the chance.
“Abby, talk to me, please. Tell me why you don’t want to see me when we click so well. I know we did, you told me what I sent you made you hot and wet. You told me you used not just my words, but my pictures to make you come.
Then it wasn’t just about your body. You shared your day, your thoughts on the evils of reality television, and your favorite books, it felt like more than sex. Or was it just your body you wanted to share, and you shared it with everyone on the site, and our back and forth was the same as what you did with all the others?” He asks, as he leans forward.
He’s too close. His hands are finally on me, something I never believed would happen, and he feels better than I ever could have imagined. My body is begging for more of his touch, on not just my hands but my breasts, full and swollen for him, my stomach, twitching against the material of my shirt, and my pussy, I want his touch there so badly I’m leaking onto the chair. Despite all of that, I shake my head. I can’t tell him that he’s the only man I’ve had an ongoing flirtation with. There had been a few men I had responded to, but it had quickly devolved and become scary or crude and ugly. I can’t tell him that, refuse to tell him that. I know he’ll never go away when he knows it was only him I’ve thought about for the last few months when I played with myself.
Fear of not just him, but my body’s reaction to him, gives me the strength I need. I pull away, grab my purse and flee. I’m almost to my car when he catches up to me. He calls my name but I shake my head and pull out my keys. I’m trembling so badly, my body suffering from the withdrawal of his touch, I drop them and he’s there. His hands move around me, flat on the car, caging me in with his body. No, I don’t want this, I think, even as I fight the urge to lean back into him.
“Abby,” Breath hot against my ear singes me down my spine. Need, hot and wet, flares through my body. My nipples, are tight points of pain and very visible through the silk of my bra and the light shirt. “I’m sorry if I scared you. I don’t want to scare you, baby. I just want to fuck you long and hard until you can’t move, until your pussy overflows with my come, until there’s nothing left in me. You told me you dreamed of my cock inside you, do you remember that? You told me you dreamed I fucked you for hours, and when you woke up alone and empty, you were sad. Are there others you tell the same thing to? If so, I guess I understand, but it won’t make me happy. It didn’t feel like I was being given a line, though. It felt like you wanted my cock buried inside you as badly as I want it.” He rubs his hard cock against my ass, and I can’t fight the moan that escapes me. “Tell me, Abby, are there others?” He rubs again and his hands move to my hips, his grip is firm and I feel his touch even through my clothing. The heat of his touch burns me, and then he finds the crevice of my ass and rubs against me again. My skin is too tight, my clothes hurt against my heated skin.
“Just you, Jack, no one else.” I moan.
His right hand slides down my body and I know where he’s going. I know I should close my legs and push him away. I can’t, his touch feels too good. Instead, I lean against his hard, muscled body and simply melt against him, he feels so good. My legs tremble, and I pray I can stay standing. s I open my legs, he inches up my inner thigh and finds the front of my panties soaking wet. At the feel of his fingers there I gush with anticipation for him, my hips rock forward, begging for more.
He hisses my name in my ear, “Abby, tell me.”
“I only come to your pictures and words. I only touch myself while I read what you wrote for me.” I confess and I’m rewarded with his thick fingers slipping under my panties and along the lips of my pussy. I can’t hold back the moan, I want more, need more. His touch feels so good, and I swear I can feel every ridge of detail on his fingertips—he’s moving so slowly. Groaning his name, my body is begging for more and my hips rock again. I want to cry from relief when his thick fingers slide inside me, down and then up, finding my clit swollen and aching for him. My knees give way and his arm is there around my waist holding me up against him. Just a few swipes of my clit are all it takes, and I come apart in his arms.
“That’s a good girl.” He soothes me as I shake in his arms. Then a car door slams close by.
Shock and shame flares at the extremely public location between my car and an SUV. What the fuck is the matter with me? I bend down to pick up my keys and he backs up to give me some room. “I can’t believe we did that. I, look this isn’t going to happen. I don’t want to get involved with anyone. I definitely don’t want a stalker. I’m really sorry if you feel like I led you on, maybe I did. Again, I’m sorry for that. I have to go.”
He catches my car door. “Give me your number.” It was an order, and everything that I’ve promised I would never deal with.

“No. I mean it, absolutely not. Let go of the door or I swear to god I’ll report you for harassment.” He lets go of the door and I slam it shut and start my car. Grateful no one is behind me, I pull out and skid out of the parking lot.