Saturday, October 4, 2014


I have heard of Draft2digital but kind of shrugged, as it didn't have as many places to distribution as Smashwords. I've complained about conversion before, I found a converter and she was the cheapest I had found and of course she's busy as hell. I had fully intended to release the two I have coming out now in October, I wanted to release in September. I didn't have a choice though because my converter couldn't get me in until a month after I contacted her. Frustrated but happy with her previous work I considered her worth it and just sucked it up. 

Then I go on Draft2Digital and they give you a mobi file to upload to Kindle. I hated Smashwords, I simply couldn't get my files past their premium catalog approval process so I had doubts it would be easy on Draft2Digital. It wasn't snap your fingers easy but a quick change to chapter headings (increasing size and making it bold) and I was done. I seriously could not believe it was so easy. Only 15 minutes had passed and the file came out looking as clean as the one my converter had given me. Holy shit, no cost to convert and it will go through to all the big names, Kobo, Apple, Scribd? I am now in love. They also give a epub file and I used that to go direct to Nook, although they do send to Nook for you if you want. Personally, no I don't want, I want to be able to see the direct result of my lame attempts at marketing and what does and doesn't work in real time by going direct. 

Another great thing about them over Smashwords is they pay out monthly and Smashwords pays quarterly. That's a huge bonus which alone had me considering Draft2Digital over Smashwords. Before I tried it. 

I'm happy, now I'm almost a hundred percent in control of the most important and costly parts of self-publishing. The covers are still out of my control and I don't mind because I get a quality product that is often quickly done. Right about now, I'd like to pop some champagne. Just thought I'd share. 

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