Saturday, October 25, 2014

I just want to say Thank You!

No corny bullshit I want thank Bookslut Goddess, Setta Jay, C.E. Black, Gladys from Nerd Girl Official, Lelani Black, Angela Snyder, Christi Williams, Antonio Lozada, Allison, and my real life support system Linda Dunlap, Chrishaun Keller and Dan Thompson. 

All of the people listed before my real life support system have helped me by simply being there. Retweeting, offering to do reviews and just being nice people who yes there is a certain level of give and take but there also felt like there was a tremendous amount of giving. Yes, several came for the Gandycandy (should I be thanking David Gandy as well?) but you stayed you retweeted me and gave me the exposure and help a person can't pay for. 

For the first month I'm seeing the kind of returns on Amazon I had been hoping for. Yes, okay it had something to do with now having a much larger catalog and maybe releasing the new four at only .99 cents but readers wouldn't have known about that without the retweets and the lovely reviews and the putting me out there in a way I didn't (which I know people will find hard to believe) and don't have the confidence to put myself out there. 

Will there be a repeat of this month, it would be nice but I doubt it. What goes up must come down but hopefully as I continue to put more out there I will be able to sustain a regular readership that will then suggest me to a new reader because I really think that's where the readers come from and that's why it felt so huge. Those people said, 'hey, check this out.' and the level of trust was there and the buys and the tries happened. 

For right this second my mind is quiet but there's an idea buzzing-thanks to Gladys- and then another. I'm in the middle of moving but hopefully in the next few weeks I'll sit down again and I'll write more and hopefully the story is good enough people will keep coming back and I'll be one step closer to being the full time writer I've wanted to be. This month has given me that hope so I just want to say thank you for those that through a little bit of kindness have helped me get one step closer to a dream. 

To my real life support peeps, they make the doubts, the fear, the constant questioning into something I realize I'm not alone in and it makes it easier to go back to the page and write. 

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