Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cover Reveal for two upcoming Books

Cover Reveal 

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A giveaway just because 

Don't forget Abby has Gone Wild is still free, for now.

This is a standalone novella at 39,561 words, it is an erotic romance with explicit language so please be aware that it is graphic in nature before purchasing. 
Below check out the second excerpt from Abby has Gone Wild

If I thought he was done, I was so very wrong. He sends me texts begging me to call him. Then he gave up and pretended like I was responding and we were having conversations, long texts about what we were doing at the time. He was funny and sarcastic and he had me laughing again. Then he sent texts that were so hot I don’t know how my phone didn’t melt. Even though I told myself not to, I gave in. I used my vibrator, wishing it was him as I came to his words. What made me crazy was he knew I did it. I don’t know how he did but he knew. He was making me crazy and that had to be the reason, the only reason, when after three weeks he calls me late on a Saturday night I answer.

I open my mouth to tell him to stop calling but instead I moan his name and sigh. I’m still trembling from the orgasm I’ve had to the text he’d just sent. His intake of breath is clear.

“Abby, did you just come for me?”

“Yes.” I whisper, floating as I drift back from the stars.

“Are your fingers still in your pussy?”

“Yes.” I moan as my fingers linger in my wet pussy.

“I want you to lick your fingers baby. Taste yourself the way I tasted you after you left me standing in the parking lot with your juices on my fingers and my dick hard.”

I do as he orders and sigh. I know the taste of myself and I like it.

“Abby, I want to bury my face in your pussy and taste you all over again. Is your clit still tender?”

“Hmm.” Sitting up, I undo the clasp of my bra that I’d been in too much of a rush to remove and just pulled up to get at my aching nipples.

“What are you doing baby?”

“My bra, tight, taking it off.”

“Your breasts are so beautiful, my cock is twitching thinking of them. Are your nipples hard, have you been playing with them while you read what I want to do to you?”

“Yes.” I whisper, ashamed as I attempt to sooth the tight peaks.

“Don’t baby, don’t sound like that. I wrote it to make you come. I wrote it because I can’t be near you and I want to be so badly. But if you aren’t ready for that, I’ll take what I can get.
I wish I were there with you now. I want you to take a nipple into your mouth and suck it deep into your mouth. Will you suck your nipple for me baby? Suck it deep into your mouth and play with your nipple with your tongue. That’s a good girl I can hear you moaning. Say my name. Say it.” I moan his name and he sighs. “Good girl, now do the same to your other breast but now I want you to use your teeth just a light grazing of your teeth and then suck it deep inside your mouth while your tongue plays with it. That’s it baby, you like that don’t you? I can hear you that you do. Put your fingers back in your pussy.
Put them back in for me. I want you to slide your middle finger deep inside yourself while you suck your tits.” I can only moan his name. He’s setting my body on fire all over again from his words. His voice in my ear makes it feel like he’s here with me. “I’m looking at your tits right now. I can see they’re wet from your mouth, make them wetter for me. Suck them into your mouth and then I want you to take a nipple between your fingers and roll it around and squeeze it, almost till it hurts. Your little gasp just caused my cock to jerk, I’m leaking all over my cock for you. Is your finger still in your pussy, sliding into you where my cock should be?”

“Yes, oh yes.” I’m so close. I want to come.

“Not yet Abby, don’t come yet. I want you to add another finger to your pussy. Do it for me baby, add another finger for me. Feels good, you like that?” I can only sigh, and whimper, speech is too much for me. “That’s good baby, now a third finger, add a third finger. Now I want you to slide your thumb up to your clit, I know it’s swollen and as hard as my cock. Slide it over again and again.” I’m sobbing with the power of my climax and my body is shaking. I want him here with me and it’s his name on my lips as I fall apart. His breath is hard in my ear and through the phone I can hear his hand stroking his cock. Then he groans my name and I know he’s come for me. 

Moaning, feeling lost and alone I roll over in bed and bury my face in the pillow. Knowing I have no other words left, I end the call. Then terrified of what might happen next, I turn off my cell.  

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