Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just do you

Look, I am in no way whatsoever claiming to be an expert at anything (except blowjobs) however, like many writers I'm observant and because I want writing to be my full time job I'm reading, watching and learning the skills I didn't know were required to succeed. Am I going to? It's early yet but the cause and effect thing seems to be working out so far. I have already figured out that while I do want to finish the series I started in the urban fantasy category (I had wanted three books and then another tie in to it) I will never stop writing erotic  romance because I love it so much. I've even been open with people I've met (outside of work because ehhh on work knowing, too damn whatthefuckever to go into) as far as I'm concerned if there are enough readers out there that have blown up this segment of sales then someone has to write it and why shouldn't it be me?

I will admit I had first thought a year or two of writing erotic romance however many books that meant and then move on to my other project and leave the erotic romance behind. BUT regardless of that, I wanted my blog to always be exactly who I am because I do believe the voice I write with is a part of me and if you don't like me because I'm a smartass, somewhat snarky bitch then you won't like my books. My characters aren't as snarky or smartass because honestly I'm kind of sick of reading that character, along with the sweet as pie damsel in distress. However my writing style is the same, as is my flow which is a big deal to readers. I can't read Michael Connelly because his style is too dry and clipped, now Stephen King's long winded description of setting a scene makes me nuts. No matter what someone is writing, their writing voice remains their own along with their style.

I have had a girl crush on Jen Lancaster for over ten years now. I love her bitchtastic humor so I love reading her blog, she is who she is without apology. She can make a trip to Target a zing-filled romp that has me giggling and gasping for air. So when I started blogging I knew it was important but not exactly how. I thought of it as a way of making sure the reader had a place to connect and check out the writer before hitting buy. If they didn't like my voice as a blogger then they weren't going to buy and then complain about it later. I knew I had to blog exactly as I am, that's why as I mentioned in earlier post I have made no pretenses or attempted to be anything other than who I am. From my twitter to my blog and Facebook, if you liked looking at half-nekkid men then you would like my twitter feed and someone who has no problem posting picture after picture of said half-nekkid men are no shrinking violets who blush at a curse word and tip toes around a subject. I post about self-publishing and things I think might help others because I like helping others (I'm weird that way-but I HATE sharing candy or food of any kind) this self-publishing thing is hard as fuck and it's nice to get a hand up or learn something from someone rather than through painful experience. So if I can help someone it gives me a warm fuzzy. That's who I am. 

If you like that kind of person you'll like my books, if not then you won't and you saved some time and money. I'm not writing sex shorts, slam bam thank you m'am. I'm writing a story that hopefully, is good enough to excite, move and give the reader a few hours of enjoyment. My hope is a reader connects with the story and when they do, in the briefest way they are connecting with me. If I did a good enough job they will want to come back for more and since I can't write as fast as most people read, hopefully they will come to my blog and try to make that connection by reading about the crap going on at work, me sarcastically harping on the bullshit moves of Amazon or me now making a nerd of myself as I talk with authors I enjoy reading. At a meetup recently I was attempting to convey the importance of blogging and how it can bring readers to you, not you running around trying to get them. I swear it was almost like the person was trying to not get the point. The point, to this long rambling post is actually really simple: Be who you are and like will find like and like will appreciate like and your reader will find you. 

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