Saturday, May 10, 2014

Per suggestion, a second excerpt of A Favor

 This is also available on iTunes

This is a standalone novella at 44,262 words

This is an erotic romance so please be aware it is graphic in nature and includes rough and anal sex before purchasing.

“I’ll go and talk to Taylor. No promises on what I’ll do. However, if you really want me to go then you’ll need to make it worth it.”
He stalks me across the room, and fear of my desire for him has me backing up and away from him. My back comes up against the wall in the hallway and I shake my head. “Sam, I meant it. No.”
A wicked grin spreads across his face, and instantly my nipples are hard. He stops only inches away, and his hands come up on each side of me, caging me in with his body. “Oh, Zoe, I would almost believe you if I didn’t smell your pussy wet for me. If you didn’t tremble when you looked at me and if your eyes didn’t beg me to touch you and fuck you hard and fast. I would believe you, but I don’t. So if you want me to go with you, then you’ll have to pay for your sweet little lies.” He leans down, and his breath feathers against my ear. The vibration of his voice shoots right to my pussy. “One kiss, and if after that you still keep saying no, I’ll back off.”
I’m fighting to be flippant, only it doesn’t quite work when I’m so breathless. “Sam, don’t you think talking dirty is just a bit too forward, especially when I’ve told you no?”
“Baby, I say what’s on my mind, and I know what’s on yours. Dirty? You think that was dirty? You have no idea how dirty I can get, and it will make you even wetter than you are now.”
Swimming in the smell and heat of him, I never see it coming. One moment his hands are up and the next a thick finger is tracing the wet line along my panties, where I’m just as wet as he accused me of being.
“Sam.” His name, a gasp of sound, is pulled from me.
“That’s what I’ve been wanting to hear: my name on your lips, soaked with as much desire as your pussy. Say it again, Zoe.”
It’s an order, and I’ve always hated orders, so it gets through to me where his soft tones didn’t. “No, damn it, Sam. Please, stop this.”
“Are you pleading with me because you don’t trust me or yourself? It’s your turn. You give me one good reason why.” His finger continues to caress me along the seam of my pussy through the now-soaked panties. I want to die from embarrassment as I grow wetter for him, and my body trembles with need.
“I’m not good at relationships. I’m really, really bad. I end up hurting the other person when I can’t be what they want. Apparently I’m cold and empty inside. It isn’t something I try to be, but I guess I am, and I can’t control that. But I can control me not hurting someone else. I don’t want to hurt you.”
Sam laughs, and an odd feathering sensation runs over my stomach. “Ah, sweetheart, that’s kind of you to care, only I don’t need you to care about me. I just want to fuck you long and hard until we both have scratched this itch, and you itch, don’t you, baby? Your pussy is so wet you want me inside you buried deep to soothe that, and I can. I’ll have you begging for it and I’ll have you screaming when you come. I’ll take care of your body and you’ll take care of mine, that’s all the care you need to be concerned with.
Also, it might have escaped your attention, but I’m a big boy and I can take care of myself.” He removes his finger and presses his thick, large cock against me, making it clear he isn’t talking about age. “I’m large, but I’ll make it good for you. The only thing I’m wondering about is if your sweet little mouth can take me as deep as I want. Do you know when you clench your pussy deep inside with longing, the sweet lips of your pussy tremble? You want me in your mouth too, baby? I like knowing that, I won’t lie. I want to fuck your mouth deep, but I’m not greedy. If you can’t take me deep, your tongue will do. Jesus, did you just come?”
Shame has me closing my eyes and shaking my head, unable to believe what had just happened. Then his hands are under my skirt, pulling my panties down my legs. I open my eyes to see Sam on his knees in front of me. Shock keeps me from moving. “Sam!”
Sam ignores me completely, “Finally, a woman who looks like a woman, so damn sexy. Nice and neat, trimmed and soft. You make my cock ache from wanting you.”
I can only watch as he leans close and licks me where his finger had touched just moments ago. He sounds disappointed. “No, just a gush of sweet juice preparing for my cock inside you. You taste so good, like a ripe strawberry right off the vine. I’m going to enjoy eating you for hours. I love how wet you are. Your body knows what you need, me inside you, and that’s all you need to think about. The rest is just noise and fear, don’t let it scare you from what we’ll both get out of this. Usually it takes a couple weeks of some long, hot nights but you—yeah, baby, it might take a couple of months. I’m willing to settle in for that if you are.”
I’m fighting my body and trying desperately to figure out how the hell to regain control. Sam moves back to me and chuckles as he licks along my inner thigh, slick from my overflowing pussy. His tongue roams again and I shake with need. I’m terrified of just how far he’ll go, how far I won’t just let him, but beg him to go, so give I in. “Okay, stop, please. I promise, one kiss. Once we get back to Austin and you meet with Taylor, then you’ll get one kiss, that’s it.”
Sam is on his knees, except his smile of satisfaction makes it clear he’s the one in control. I want so badly to wipe that smile off his face only I can’t. I have no weapons against him. “I get to use my tongue.”
The condition has no meaning to me, of course a kiss from Sam while he’s trying to persuade would include his tongue. I shrug. “Fine, yes.”

His smile is so devilish and delicious I want to scream. “Go get packed.” The words grind out from between my teeth. He doesn’t move, just watches me, and I move to the front door. “I’ll be in the truck.” With my dignity in tatters, I flee from him. It isn’t until I slam the door closed that I realize I left my panties behind.

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