Monday, February 22, 2016

When the words just won't come

If you've written anything longer than a grocery list then there have been times when the words won't come. For those of us with a day job, not trying to pull the day job card, but I really think it's true. Any time you have to stop then try to start again it's harder for the words to come or maybe you stopped thinking you were already to one point but that is so not where you are-cuz your mind moved the story along without you-that has happened to me more than a few times. 

My very first story took a year to write because it sat in a drawer for two months because the words wouldn't come-serious. 
Anyway for whatever reason you're sitting there and nothing is happening and the longer nothing is happening the more freaked you get. Deep breath and try a few things first. 

1. The one that seems to work best for me is to start reading what you've written so far, it puts you back in the world, now it might seem time consuming if you're at 36k or 55k words in but hey do you want to write or not? You can also edit as you go along, a dropped word or missing, it isn't really a waste of time. 

2. So if you're only five thousand words in the above might not help. Okay, was there another scene further ahead you have planned out, write that. Usually by then you're deep enough in your story you can go back to where you left off to start again.

3. Neither of the above working for you? Maybe is the time to write your blog post for next week. Really. Often it's just the need to write something that will get the words flowing. 

4. Pick anything from the current story you're writing, a name, a supporting character and write five thousand words about them, from anything to how they're day went to why they are the asshole they are. 

5. Desperation, write anything and I mean anything just start typing. Is he in his office? Have him pick up the phone and make him have a conversation. Is she crying over him? Make her stop and go get a carton of ice cream to eat instead. My personal horror story-cuz I am really not used to sex scenes- they are about to have sex and you stopped. Just power through with an off the wall, porno inspired sex scene that might not even make sense. Just start writing and you can fix it when you're done. Maybe the blah scene will inspire a better scene or another story. 

6. Nothing.....really? You tried all of the above and nothing is happening? Then maybe you just need to set it aside and move onto something new. Which hugely sucks, especially if you are on a schedule but if after all that no words are coming then maybe right now isn't the time for them to come

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My bad

I haven't been keeping up with my blog like I should but it's for a good reason. I promise!!! After a dry spell that was beginning to feel like the Sahara and made me question my entire life up to this point (so we writers are a little dramatic whatev) I finally finished a story!! And then, another one appeared out of like nowhere and I'm working on that one now(wrote this before I finished the seond-holy crap-I'm back baby). Yay!!! No more rocking on the floor in the corner until my back hurts causing me to throw myself on the bed rocking back and forth and then I call asleep because my bed is just soft. 

Of course this is me so there will be a bit of a delay before I put anything out. I need the money for my awesome editor and I need covers. That's probably a two month delay however I'm hoping that will give me time for a third. I have also had an 'aha' moment that for indie's to keep interest and attention from new readers it's also a good idea to put out a new story every month instead of dropping everything I've got done at one time. Although it sure is awesome to the sale of several different books in one month meaning someone liked one and just kept going through my others. 

Then I had a wow moment of the weekend after Christmas where I sold maybe fifteen to twenty books, and I realized people had used their Amazon gift card on me. Not gonna lie, I got a little teary eyed on that one. 

I promise to do better even though I didn't start the year out quite right. Which reminds me, for my next post please hit me up for cover artists for my next post, whether you are a cover artist or have a go to. Please send to my email: 
Now I won't promise to use everyone but if I like them then I will, especially if I have mentioned them before. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sign onto an anthology?

If you've read this blog before at all you probably picked up on me being a complete control freak. If you haven't read this blog before then  'Hi! I'm Fiona and I'm a complete control freak.' This has caused problems in the past, every where from work to personal relationships. My therapist blames it on my lack of control in fucked up childhood-I'm willing to go with that. For whatever reason I have seriously considered going with the ebook publishers and thought ehh, I can't pick my cover, I have no say when this is being released, who is my editor? Nope, nevermind I'm good over here. 

Then the anthologies hit the sales charts. Let's make it very clear an anthology is not out there to make money, it's to get a writer introduced to as many new readers as possible. At least five authors short or long story for a dollar, what avid reader can really say no to that? But here's where my control freak nature kicked into gear, as in real life I don't know many people what if they sucked and then people thought my book sucked, I saw a lot in Kindle Unlimited, oh hell to the fuck no. No, thanks I'm good and I'm too lazy to do an anthology myself. 

So the weirdest thing happened out of nowhere I wanted to be in an anthology and a group of writers I'm in on Facebook were all let's do an anthology but sadly it didn't really appeal to me so I bowed out. *Sigh*  Then because the last anthology did so well they wanted to do another and it could already be written and a full story not a short story so I said yes. Kindle Unlimited was kicked to the curb from almost the beginning. Yay!!! I'm really glad I did it, I know I got new readers from it and so I will say an anthology but go with your gut on what kind of anthology fits you. 

This is the one I'm in: It's only .99 cents peoples with seven full stories from seven different authors!  Come on buy it and don't forget to review it pretty please! 

Amazon buy link: Intoxicating
Nook buy link:  Nook-Intoxicating
Kobob buy link:  Kobo-Intoxicating
itunes buy link:  Apple-Intoxicating

This is the one that is too naughty for me to be in because it's threesomes, BDSM, and M/M. Also only .99 cents for only eight stories from different authors, this is what's called a no brainer. Don't forget to review pretty please. 


Amazon buy link: Salacious
Nook buy link: Nook-Salacious
Kobo buy link: Salacious