Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rafflecopter Giveaway

I know it's weird but I love Giveaways so running a new Rafflecopter until May 3rd. Good luck :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Editing, damn that hurt

Finally I took my own advice and sent my books out for editing. When I first was ready to hit publish there wasn't anyone available and the cost was crazy high-meaning I didn't have the money and two months away was too far away. For the most part there has been little feedback in that editing was an issue but then I finally get feedback that yes editing was needed. So I bit the bullet and did a search and found someone through an online search and another person through referral. 

I have to tell you it was extremely painful. Both money wise and to the psyche. The first one I opened up and got it back with tracking changes in red, holy fucking shit. I want to apologize and say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has bought not one but multiple titles and put with piss poor editing. To see that there wasn't a single page that didn't have something to fix was ego crushing. I admit I didn't agree with all the edits so as I went through there were a few times I hit reject but then something happened, I started to see what the suggestion was, and while I saw that it could be made better didn't quite agree and reworked the sentence to make it better. For the most part I was happy and really felt the editor saw where I was going and did her best to edit to my writing style. I can't recommend her enough.  

Because she was busy and wouldn't be able to complete them all until June and that was farther away on my time line than I wanted I hit up someone who a fellow writer referred. That experience was much different. I won't lie I was happier that he was less expensive and quicker however it wasn't as positive as with the other editor. That whole, you get what you pay for or maybe it was that the editor was a guy editing erotic romance. I'm not sure exactly. It wasn't a bad experience but it wasn't as positive as with the other editor. That said, I would still use him in the future as he was quick, cheap, and knowledgeable.

She has two more to go and then all my titles will be done and I'll be doing a little re-release party to celebrate and thank my readers so far. 

I had been hoping I would have a new title to release as well but it doesn't look like it just yet. However I will say that the editing process, going through and making the changes has gotten the juices flowing in a way they haven't in a while. Fingers crossed my ass gets in gear and something new will be coming out in June. I have already warned her I will be contacting her again and she, thankfully, seemed happy and didn't lock down her schedule on me. 

So fair warning an event will be happening soon, hopefully in May. It will be a rafflecopter and a Facebook event giving away free ebooks and gift cards and I hope other authors will drop in and  participate, we shall see.