Wednesday, May 30, 2018

If you want authors to be able to keep writing PLEASE leave a review

Amazon has made some changes. Authors love when Amazon makes changes *sarcasm* the thing is Amazon usually only makes changes because enough people scream about it, they just don't usually get the change they wanted. 

Right now all the work authors go through to giveaway books in exchange for honest reviews is no longer working. It's a little painful really that authors have to giveaway a book in exchange for a review but we do it. We have to do it because even though there are readers who reach and contact us and tell us how much they love our books, they don't take the time to leave a review. 

Every review you leave means something, it has an impact (please remember that as well if it's not a nice review) if you leave a review is shows others, hey you should buy this book. If enough people see that, it means I get to pay electric bill this month. It means I can continue to put out book after book of those stories you say you want to read. 

Please, please, please leave a review on Amazon, on Nook, in iBook, where people are going to buy books it means so much. Not just for sales but when I'm down and this gets hard, I read the reviews and it gives me the kick I need to keep doing this. 

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