Thursday, August 10, 2017

Playing the victim should not be a marketing ploy

I've seen it again and again and it pisses me the fuck off. Writers playing the victim, poor me big ol' Amazon is soooo mean to me. Me, me little ol' me struggling to make a dime, my poor kids, my poor dog, my poor cat. I'm a victim of huge mega corporation. What about the freedom to write what we want? Then the bloggers sticking up for poor little ol' author, it's LITERATURE, it's ART, it's not for huge mega corporation to decide if I can read this. Let's stick it to mega corporation, buy it!!!!!! And they will, authors will buy it, bloggers will buy it and all those people who want to stick it to Amazon they'll buy it without knowing what the fuck they bought. Without caring if the author is talented enough to have earned their money because it's about them wanting to support little ol' writer and her cat, and her kids, and her dog and OMFG fuck you and the dog and the kids and the cat. Congratulations smug blogger, and smug authors and smug woman/man on the street for sticking it to mega corporation and supporting a plucky little ol' author. You sure stuck it to big mega corporation Amazon and  congratulations, you've been grifted. 

Every single time this happens I want to get fucking violent (can you tell?)  I am so fucking sick of this. Especially because it keeps fucking happening, this isn't how you sell books. By doing something you KNOW won't fly and then crying about it later for sympathy, for your rights that are being violated (BULLSHIT), for the dollar you can squeeze out of those who are easily manipulated. 

These authors KNOW before they hit publish what will likely happen and they turn it around and they use it. Every author who is even THINKING of self-publishing to Amazon and is writing romance, or anything in that vein, erotica, erotic romance, knows the rules that Amazon has surrounding it EVERY SINGLE PERSON. You want to know why? Because we know of stories that have been pulled and we know if it's offensive enough they won't just pull your story they'll pull every book you have and shut you down completely. Completely. It doesn't matter if the other titles you have are children's books or cook books they'll close your account and say nope go peddle that shit somewhere else. You know why? Because they can. It's that simple. They aren't here for your free speech and your freedom of expression, they are a business and you have the right to write it but they are under no fucking obligation to sell it, to have anything to do with the shit you are peddling. 

I am so tired of watching writers con bloggers and readers behind a poor me, I don't know why they are being mean to me line. BULLSHIT. You know it because you've seen it. I'm sick of the bitching, other books do it, they are publishing it, oh it's because of big publishing company that it's still selling and if I were big I could too. BULLSHIT. You KNOW exactly what you are writing is pushing the boundaries of common fucking decency you KNOW it's pushing the boundaries of Amazon. You KNEW it and you published it and maybe it slipped by the censor at the gate of Amazon but someone was completely offended and Amazon said no fucking way. You KNEW it was a possibility and you did it anyway. DON'T fucking act like it you didn't know it wasn't something that could happen. If you really didn't want to make it a big deal and didn't want to make waves then you should have sucked it the fuck up when it got yanked, put it on the only the vendor that takes that shit and move THE FUCK ON with your life. 

But you didn't. 

You went crying to your Facebook page instead of a tissue and you lied when you said you couldn't believe it's happening to you. You whipped people into a fury for you and you're laughing through those false tears as you check your sales.

Congratulations on getting those sales after all. Congratulations on scamming people and playing the victim to sell your books instead of actual talent. 

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