Monday, June 26, 2017

Kindle Unlimited, feeling ambivalent

Well, here I sit after screaming to the sky for going on years now that KU is bad, awful, no good with 8 of my 14 titles on KU. I'm consoling myself by telling myself at least it's not all my titles. Then I wonder if maybe I should have just gone all in and not doing so will hurt me in the long run. It's been a rough weekend folks. 

Actually it hasn't been the greatest month. It started with me getting pneumonia and being fired for getting pneumonia because I couldn't even get dressed without having to give myself time to recuperate yet I was supposed to go into work? Ehh, on one hand that no daily income and medical insurance was a huge loss. On the other hand I had already been looking for another job and as it all happened while I had pneumonia and the entire week was a blur it kind of feels like I just woke up one day with no job. 

So no job, huh, writing but writing costs money and while I'm writing I need electricity and food and stuff so I am attempting to get another endeavor going and in so doing I get chatting with another writer who sells me on KU. There wasn't a whole lot of lists and points she needed to push other than saying she was making bank. 

The internal battle began, while I did make 80% percent of my money from Apple last year that was because of my 2 releases in May and June and my Christmas I was barely making $200 and I don't even want to talk about how much I've made so far this year it's depressing. Because the internal battle is this, if I keep writing, keep putting out a product people are looking and waiting for, then I can keep making a sustainable living and under those circumstance I do still hold that KU is made, all eggs, one basket, one person holds all the strings everything about that seems wrong. 

BUT I am not releasing right now, not even close to being done on the two titles I'm working right now. So maybe now is the time to take a chance and do something I wouldn't normally do. 

Often times apart from the good cover, the editing, every other decision you make is a crap shoot. So I will have to wait 90 days to find out how this roll of the dice works out. I'll let you know. 

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