Monday, May 1, 2017

If you can't help don't hurt

Writing isn't easy, it's also pretty damn lonely. We all do our best to connect as much as we can. The friends we have on Facebook I think everyone hopes it becomes a real friendship. At this time I've stopped hoping because it usually fizzles and with it what little confidence when it comes to making friends I have left. I share those who've shared me and things that no one else have but that's about it. 

Many writers reach out to others for review requests, beta readers, and sometimes even advice. Usually it's just a post they put up. I will admit to just keep scrolling. Because the problem is that I am honest, because I just plain believe in it and as I said in my last post this writing thing when it comes to review, betas, and promos this shit is business, you need to act like it. Don't whine, don't beg-hardest thing ever is to no fucking beg for reviews, betas, attention, but seriously you need to do you homework and treat this like it's the only job you want. That said, so many people don't that I have learned when I see all those requests, unless it's a trade to just keep scrolling. 

My honesty comes in when I see a lacking cover, unless someone else has said it first I say nothing other than it's ok.  Because, like the person from last week, even if they ask for your opinion so many people seem to be asking for confirmation not your opinion. I don't want to crush them by saying I don't like it which comes to review trades, fuck is that hard for me. I have high standards and I have read very few that met my standards, but what was exciting was I have actually found several-shocking. But back to the title of this post, I saw a reviewer as if other reviewers were going to be honest or cowards. Um excuse me? Cowards, I really don't think it's being cowardly not to call something shit, even if you think it is. Maybe trying to focus on the positive instead of the negative and if you read the middle of the line  reviews most people will pick up on it. Ah,  just okay, I get it. 

Look there are hundreds of trolls out there just having a shit life and drooling over the thought of making someone else feel like shit who will write the review that spells it all out. I do believe in this day of reviews bought and paid for most people have figured out to go to the negative and read up from there. 

I am not saying this in kumbya(sp?) kind of way. We need to support each other and we need to help where we can and when we can't help just do your best not to hurt. 

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