Monday, March 21, 2016

Will people who return books stop being dicks?

You have finished reading the book everyone says is amazing it has about three hundred five star reviews but when you finish as a reader the most you can muster up is maybe three stars. Okay, so it wasn't the story of the year for you or even the month that doesn't mean you get to ask for a refund from Amazon. Because here's the most important question-would you do that at Barnes and Noble or any other place you bought a book and it wasn't what you were expecting? Really? You would take your book up to the counter and say please give me back my money for this book, here's my receipt. 

Honestly? I don't believe you would. Amazon with it's big giant blank face that just says hit this and we'll give you your money back in 3-5 days. Not a disapproving librarian looking person asking why you are returning the book with a hint of a sneer. Because yes returning a book you've read is a shitty thing to do.

Seriously, if you return a book you've read you are a dick. Pure and simple. 

I get it, it wasn't quite what you expected but here's the thing you have the ability to read up to twenty percent of the book FOR FREE it gives you the ability to see, are there typos, does the writer's voice sound stilted, is the plot ridiculous? That twenty percent is buyer beware, if after twenty percent you still want to keep reading then you have bought it then you own it. 

If you want to try a book for free, then go get a fucking library card. 

I will say that I don't think refunds should be forbidden I have accidentally hit one click before but it was on a book I did want to read so I said fuck it and kept it. For accidental purchases I'm thinking 48 hours tops after that then no you shouldn't be able to get your money back. 

The same thing with those who read pirated books. Because both things are taking money from a writer's pocket. If you really can't afford something that usually costs less than $5.00 yet provides you with hours of entertainment then again get a library card and stick with those books. Because if you wouldn't do something when someone is watching or in person, don't hide behind the electronic anonymity. 

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