Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do NOT engage the trolls

You see the stupidity, and knee jerk reaction is fuck you, you stupid motherfucker. (Yes, I have been trolled.) A torrent of responses other than curse words tumble around, no it doesn’t, did you really read it, were you dropped on the head as a child, for the love of god please don’t breed. I’ve been there, wanted to do that had my blood pressure go up and wanted to throw something but it wouldn’t have helped because the troll wasn’t even within reach. That’s the whole problem the troll isn’t within reach and the even bigger problem is that pretty much nothing you say or do is going to make the troll listen, understand, or behave like an actual human being.
This could be for any number of reasons, you can’t fix stupid, for them ignorance really is bliss, and the worst but likely most common reason is they want to piss you off and create turmoil/agitation in your life because their own is sad, pathetic, and boring without having someone to piss off. There are sadly a large number of people out there who aren’t and never will be happy and they get a pathetic kick out of spreading around their unhappiness to others.
I recently saw a post on Facebook where someone felt the need to call out the FSOG author and from atop her white horse condemn the author for responding to a troll in an undignified manner. And herein lies the other side of it, people who feel they have the right to judge you and will then condemn you for responding in whatever way you see fit. Actually, I thought the response was funny and laughed.
Unfortunately not every response I have seen do I agree with. Which brings me to the fact that I have unfollowed two writers/authors because of their rants against I don’t know who on Facebook. Sorry, it can be painful and turning the other cheek is the last thing people want to hear when they are hurting but if your response sounds like you have gone batshit crazy don’t hit post. I get it, I do, you aren’t going to take it lying down and fuck anyone who doesn’t like what you do and how you’re doing it but when I see a paragraph rant that makes it sound like you didn’t take your meds today, it makes you look unprofessional and that is that last thing I need to clog up my feed. Because here’s the problem when you try and kick at shit, you’re going to get some of it on you and then you no longer smell so good.
I saw one of the stupidest articles on self-publishing I have seen in quite some time, so I called out his being a troll and his stupidity and the jackass then tries to engage and further piss me off by sending me another dumbass article he wrote. Blocked on twitter after that. I’m not saying anything is easy and maybe it’s only slightly easier for me because I grew up with three brothers who got their jollies from torturing me when there was nothing good on television. They are the ones who taught me words are just words and for a moment they can hurt but you are the only person who decides if they do or not.

So please boys and girls do not engage the trolls, when you engage the trolls you feed them and they get stronger and they come back again and again and then they go after others. Don’t feed the trolls. 

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