Saturday, November 15, 2014

I have been trolled and seriously, all I could do was laugh

I wish I could be like my man, Dan, who never looks at his reviews or sales or googles himself but that isn't me. I want to thank the people who took the time to write reviews and those who will as soon as they find time in their busy schedules. I'm not a person who only wants to hear the good and ignores the bad. Is there something I can do better, I want to know and if enough people mention a specific issue then I know I have an area that I need to work on, GREAT! My betas are great but I had someone tell me The Gangster's Girlfriend was great and I should be shopping it to a publisher. Printing it out, the reader in me wanted to throw it away and start over. I didn't do that but it was a rework from almost the ground up. Another one that got a thumbs up was A Favor, nope gutted it and rewrote pretty much everything, only about 10 pages of the original made it into the finished product. If I have stumbled and didn't produce something that was worth the time and money, my apologies I did my best that I could to deliver the best story I could. A valid complaint I am open to hearing and have received a few in the past with returns but oddly no negative reviews and I can only shrug and move on. 

When I saw the first negative"review" for His Hidden Agenda I was taken aback, it seemed kind of over the top and considering the sales not valid. The person admits to only reading the sample and basing the "review" on that. Hmm, the sample is a hot and intense scene of oral sex I don't know why but I remember thinking this person didn't like the sex scene. I looked at her history and none of her books were erotic romance and one of the books she reviewed she wrote disparaging comments about the sex scenes. Bingo, moving on. Someone who probably needs more sex and a vibrator in their life wants to hate on someone who writes 'dirty' books. Whatever. Then almost two hours later (yes it is that bad.) I check again and there's another "review" that is pure and utter ridiculousness. Oh hell to the no, this person needs a therapist and it ain't me. For ten seconds I considered writing a response and then I laughed. I laughed like an idiot, okay this person they came out from under their bridge and they took a swipe at me. Honestly, I felt oddly flattered, for some reason I was enough of a presence she wanted to push me down. People only want to push you down when you are rising, it was something my father told me, 

So I laughed but then I reported the utter hate-filled "review" to Amazon and shockingly they removed it. They didn't remove the other one but ehh right now I'm looking at it as my gold star, I'm not low to the ground anymore and someone wanted to kick me down. 

Here's the thing this was one of the reasons I didn't want to write erotica or erotic romance because there are people out there who consider sex of any kind dirty and umm yeah if it wasn't dirty before I got a hold of it, it is now. My sex scenes are graphic and leave not a thing to the imagination, BUT remove the sex and is there a story that has a heart and the honesty of the fear, the tears and elation that finding and falling in love brings? Fuck yes. I'm not putting it out if it doesn't. In a few of my stories that story is pretty thin, I'm not gonna lie but sometimes it is, boy meets girls and puts up a tiny bit of a fight but when something is so good and right there isn't a whole lot beyond acceptance. So I filled in the spaces with the hot sex. It's hard enough to find success I didn't want to go out with a target sign on my back of being dirty and smut before someone even looked at me. Then the feedback started coming and the readers got it and I just said fuck it, this is what I write and I love it and I'm not half bad at it so fuck you if you don't like it. I'm going to sit in my corner and write my dirty sex and the trolls and haters of erotic romance can kiss my ass.  

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