Friday, October 10, 2014

The giveaway to celebrate release day has begun!

Releasing not just two but four ebooks this Saturday! My eyeballs are burning but I think it's been worth it. 
All books will release at $.99 cents on 10/ 11 then will go up to their normal price of $2.99 by 10/16

For two years Ria has longed to touch the fire in Drake Hawthorne’s eyes but she doesn’t dare. The hotel where she has worked has a strict hands off patrons policy and if it’s found out she’s even lingered too long in his room she’ll lose the job she’s worked so hard for. Maybe if she were more reckless and willing to step out on a ledge she would but she isn’t and she can’t. Because it isn’t just Ria’s welfare at stake but her little brother’s and she’s not able to put his happiness on the line for her own. So she’ll keep hiding behind the meaningless wedding ring and fake husband that she knows is the only thing that has kept Drake from pushing her for more. She’s seen too many rich and powerful men like Drake Hawthorne to know they didn’t care about the havoc they left behind only the moment where they got what they wanted. Ria needs more than a moment, she wants and needs forever. 

When Drake finds out there isn’t a husband he demands marriage and Ria opens her mouth to say yes until he warns her about the ending. Marriage shouldn’t come with a time limit and Ria refuses to give in. Just when it looks like forever is promised will a threat from her past cost her the future within reach with Drake? 

Carrie Whitney’s young twin brothers have messed up one too many times and if she can’t get Rafael Castillo to change his mind then they are going into juvenile detention and they’ll be lost to her. She has no choice but to go to Rafael to beg for her brothers to be given another chance. Nothing goes as planned, and in a whirlwind of tears and accusations Carrie finds herself in the arms of a man she knows has the power to make or break her world. He wants her, short and chubby Carrie never believed a man like him could want her but she knows it from the look in his eyes and his touch. Never expecting to find someone like him, she is willing to take him anyway she can get him. Too soon and yet not soon enough she’s begging him for what she knows he’s only prepared to offer her. A relationship based only in her bedroom, no promises, no holding hands and she’s sure she can hold out long enough until he figures out he cares about her the way she knows he does. Yet, as the weeks turn into months without the words she needs Carrie isn’t sure she can continue. Far too quickly the question becomes, has she read into his touches and kisses more than there was or does he love her as much as she loves him? If he does love her then why won’t he move them out of the bedroom into the world outside of it and if he doesn’t how long can she continue to simply be Rafael’s Woman? 

Rafael Castillo wasn’t expecting the tiny woman with the bright blue eyes to turn his world upside down and he doesn’t like it. It doesn’t matter what he wants, family expectations mean a woman like Carrie is off limits. She’ll want and deserve marriage and she isn’t the type of woman he’s expected to marry. Her offer of a sex only relationship is a blessing and curse, he doesn’t care what she says he can see the love in her eyes. Lying to himself he takes what’s offered and plunges deep into something he never thought he’d feel or know again. He’s always disdained the hot-headed Latin stereotype so why the hell does the idea of sharing or seeing Carrie with anyone else but him send his temper soaring? This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go and now that he’s lost in her beautiful body the way out of their nights locked in her room away from the pressures of expectation is harder to find. 

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. He’s always so charming and gorgeous and everyone in the office loves him but not me. He’s my competition and I hate him. I deserve the promotion, I’ve given not just my nights but my weekends and even my marriage to this company and I deserve the promotion. Only it’s Alex my bosses are patting on the back and taking meetings with. I’m positive the only reason Alex is nice and smiling to me is because he’s trying to throw me off my game. Men as gorgeous as him don’t let their eyes linger on fat girls like me. He’s blueblood, I’m south side Chicago below the poverty line, he’s Harvard and I’m night school six years to get a degree, on paper it’s laughable. He can’t really want me, there has to be something he’s hiding, a hidden agenda only he knows.
There is and when I finally find out I’m going to have the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. The company I’ve put my life into or a chance at the kind of love I never believed existed before. 

Kate Frazier wants one night and one night only. It’s the only thing she’s made for, the only thing she’s capable of. She doesn’t want any hand holding or cuddling, she wants to get off and then she wants them to leave. She likes her men, bland boring and non-threatening only the Nordic god staring at her from across the pub is anything but. One by one she’s breaking her rules for only one night because the moment he gets close she can’t help herself.

Only Trey refuses to let it go at one night. He knows her secret the one she’s tried so hard to pretend didn’t happen, didn’t exist even as her nightmares still haunt her. He knows and has her admitting to the rape she suffered from her mother’s boyfriend for two long years and he knows about the frantic, ugly things she did with anyone who would have her in her teens so she could feel in control again but it only made it worse. He sees it all and it doesn’t faze him, he wants the woman she is now and he’s not going to let her go.

Now Kate has to make the decision to go through the painful door of her past to the other side where Trey and the happiness she never thought she could know is waiting.

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