Saturday, July 12, 2014

My favorite memory of a friend who died and kicked my ass into writing

Getting a little personal, but this is my favorite memory of a friend, been missing her lately and thought I would share.

We had a great friendship, she got my sense of humor and called me a bitch when I was a bitch. She was old enough to be my mother when I met her but she didn't seem like it. She was one of the few people I told that I wanted to be a writer and she was after me constantly to do something about it. What are you waiting for, she would harp on me. If you don't do what you want to do with your life you're just going to be a more miserable bitch than you are now and damn I couldn't take you being that bad.

When she died all of those pushes she tried to give me came back in one hard smack across the face. She wasn't old when she died, for all intents and purposes I thought she would out last my ass. Cervical cancer, she promised to fight and I believe she did but she was gone fast.

We had a lot of fun as friends and roommates and out of all our crazy times, this was my favorite. At the end we laughed so hard she swore she cracked a rib. For almost a week afterward she would just look at me and laugh and I'd know and we'd laugh like idiots together. She would tell this story again and again to her family who already suspected I was a moron and this just confirmed it. Stealing this from a personal blog I had written awhile ago. 

***Okay, so yes this is a little old, as people of Austin know we got our bins switched up for a standing trash can like thingy but here is my attempt to be green, so I thought I would share. ***

Okay, so I am trying to do the whole, be a better person thing all the way around. But it just seems to be really hard for me. One of the things I am now working on is that whole earth thing. I bought a bunch of the bags at Wal-mart they say plastic, paper neither. And I felt really good about I mean hell, they were only a dollar. But the first time after I bought them and then went shopping-I left them all at home. Smart, so now I keep two in the car and that seems to be working-for now.

So one other way I am bad and do genuinely feel bad about is that I can't stand the taste of tap water and so only buy bottled water, gallon of water at Wal-mart only 63 cents, you can't beat that. But considering I go though about 3 gallons a week that is bad. So Austin has this recycling program which is great, you just put your items for recycling in a bin beside your trash. However I have a roommate as bad as me for remembering things and she has supposed to have been calling to see how we can get one for like a month now but hasn't not once. So now there are like sixty one gallon jugs in our pantry that aren't going in the trash because they are supposed to be recycled. So last night we get into a squabble-about the jugs and how she was supposed to get one and then she goes why don't you. Well, fine I will. Monday is trash day and there are trash cans and recycling bins lining the streets as we drive home. So, I spot a recyle bin less than half full and say loudly-fine I will get a recycle bin. I then swing the car to the wrong side of a the road-what the streets are empty. And without stopping reach out of the car for the bin. Okay-upon reflection there are sooooo many things wrong with this scenario-
1. The bin is large, I wouldn't have been able to just toss it in the back seat or something or even pass it to my roommate in the passenger seat.
2. The car is still in motion and I am driving on the wrong side of the road.
3. I have shitty depth perception-I was nowhere near that bin when I reached for it and
4. Stealing is bad. Even if it is so you can do a good thing by recycling.
So the events that occured shortly after my moronic pronouncement come as no real surprise-but kind of like -Here's your sign.

I reach for the bin, in no way closer than a foot to it, with my foot on the brake but the car in drive, I of course can't reach the bin I fall out of the car with a resounding thud-still reaching for the bin. Rollover on to my back believing that any moment my car will rollover on me and crush me to death-or at the very least break something. My car thankfully does not run over me but it is still rolling-right on to the curb and I am sure a parked car. I jump up in time to hear a crash and see my car stop-positive I have managed to run into a car without actually being in my car I run to the front see that it is only a trash container and my roommate managed to out the car in park I jump into the car and gun the car off the curb and home.

So, lesson. Stealing is bad and park your car if you are going to be almost half way out of it

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