Sunday, June 1, 2014

Second Excerpt from His Next Chapter

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 This is a full length standalone novella at 36,543 words.
Please be aware beta readers have deemed this Romantic Smut, due to explicit sex including anal and mutual masturbation. If this offends you please do not buy. 

There isn’t much—a small table that screams seventies that a hipster would drool over but I think is awful. Oh well, better than nothing. I attempt to help with the table, but am shooed off, so I grab the two chairs that go with it. I refuse to notice his muscles flex and move beneath the black shirt. My body is already humming for him. He allows me to help with the only soft covered chair. Maroon with arms that are low and the back high, and it’s heavy as hell. There are bookshelves that don’t match that I think will look good after a fresh coat of paint. Of course, no bed. I shrug it off when Lukas mentions it. I place the table in the small area off the kitchen and move the matching chairs around it.
“No big deal. I can run to the store and get an air mattress. I’ve slept on them before; they aren’t so bad. Thanks for your help.” I need him out of here, now. Before I do something very stupid, like go down on my knees and beg him for sex. He leaves and closes the door, and I’m so relieved I can breathe again. Running for the kitchen, I wash my hands. My hands are covered in dirt and dust, and I’m not going to wait to find one of my vibrators—I need it now.
Collapsing into the maroon chair, I’m filled with relief it doesn’t face the open blinds, but rather the door out of the apartment, as I don’t have the patience to close the blinds. I tear open my jeans and stick my hand down my panties and sigh with pleasure as I lean back and move my other hand up to play with a hard nipple. I put my leg over one of the arms of the chair and close my eyes as I remember his two simple touches and the flexing of his muscles beneath his shirt. I want him over me, his dick hard and deep. I want his mouth on my breasts, sucking my hard nipples into his mouth as he drives into me. I’m so wet and hot that it takes only minutes of playing with my clit before I hit my climax.
A sound catches my sex-fogged brain, and I open my eyes to find Lukas there. The door is open and he hasn’t crossed the threshold. He is simply frozen with a box in his hands. When his eyes meet mine, the heat there is scorching hot, but he says nothing. He simply puts down the box down and turns, taking the stairs at what sounds like two at a time. It’s so quiet that I can hear the quiet clicking of his door, but I’m still so filled with shock that I’m having a hard time taking it all in.
My fingers are still in the wet heat of my pussy, and my other hand is cupping my breast. As I look down, it’s as if I’m disconnected from it all. Looking down, all I can think is, Well, at least my body is covered—except for about six inches of my stomach, there isn’t anything on display. Except he saw me touch myself until my body shook with an orgasm. Finally I can move, so I take my hands off my body and redo my jeans. I wonder if he knew it was him I was thinking of. 

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