Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm so excited! It's finally happening! Almost ready to self-publish & go live!

So I've been working with a cover artist and I'm just so excited I want to squeal like a little kid! The covers are looking so good. I had a bit of a set back and thought I was going to wind up in tears but at the end of the day I'm still able to move forward, I'm not standing still.

My goal is to have at least four stories up by a few days before Valentine's Day. I want at least one to be free but having a hard deciding which one will be free. I'm not a huge fan of giving it away for free but have been told when you have more than one free it can work. If you only have one out then free is a crap shoot. I do have an experience of finding one author that was different than the rest and I really liked and after reading her free I did go out and buy two more the same weekend so I'm hoping that happens at least a few times.

I'm in too much of a rush to do what others have been suggesting and that's to hit up blog reviewers. Ehh, so many of them are buried in requests it will be months before they can get to it and who's to say they'll like it enough to write it up? Thinking I will hit up a few people for freebies but not nailed down plans. Still have a few weeks, so of course I will let it go until the last minute.

I do have seven completed but feedback was not clear on one and when I went back and began editing another all I could think is it needs way more revision. With the day job it will take a weekend or two and so even though I had wanted all seven if it were possible only five are ones I'm confident enough in to put out. So those five, two more completed needing revisions and I actually have two half written and one story idea banging on brain asking to be let out. But I know if I start it on a work day I won't push out enough to keep it going, that's why the other two are half written-I lost momentum on the story. So that will also require a clear weekend which I don't know when I'm going to have one any time soon.

Okay, exhausted. Off to bed to dream up more hot sex and thing about the story idea banging on my brain, he's just so yummy it will be fun to write for sure.

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