Friday, January 17, 2014

Do you believe in Fate?

Personally, I don't like the idea of Fate. I like the idea that I'm in control of every moment of my life, the good the bad and how to fix. The weird thing is recently there has been a change to my schedule....again. Last year I wanted all seven out at one time and believed mid-March would be the date. Then my writing group kept pushing, hey get a few out sooner and then the rest out in March, give the reader to look something forward to. One, I am a long time, addictive reader but even I am not waiting with breathless anticipation for even my favorite writers because hello stuff happens and by the time it's out I will likely have forgotten. I'm not saying I've moved on the next time I have time/money and remember will likely buy and read-so like six months later. My stories aren't the exact same ones over and over, different lead ink different appeals I'm sure. I wanted people to have a choice.

Well, with the day job working the last damn nerve fine, I think. I'll pick the best three or four and post those and the rest will go out mid-March. Now that's the plan. I'm going to have at least three out for Valentine's Day and one free. Well, everyone and their freaking mother, father and grandmother are hocking romances the week/weekend of Valentine's Day. For fucks sake, I begin to wobble on my dates. The market is so huge, I'll be a drop of water going down Niagara Falls. But I'm determined, it's getting to where I'm sick of the damn things on my desk and want to move on to new stories.

Then something personal  comes up. I'm not going to be able to get it all together and push it out by Valentine's day, it's back to mid-March.

It got me thinking, little things have added up to me being in specific places to meet important people in my life, things I thought about but somehow didn't do until other things led me there. I don't know, boyfriend believes in it one hundred percent. His stories on why got me wondering. Again, not liking the idea, but just because I don't like it doesn't mean Fate might not be at play in big and small ways.

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