Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wrote a story inspired by Reddit wondering if the title should honor that or if it will get me sued

I have managed to get quite addicted to Reddit and enjoyed just lurking on the website for ages before I finally felt compelled to register and comment. There is a gonewild section in which women very willingly post pictures of themselves naked some show just a little and others show everything, including their face. I have to admit this fascinated me. Sure, I've seen girls gone wild video commercials and just assumed liquor was involved. These pictures are done without liquor and most of the women seem normal and many very attractive. 

I've been complimented on my features before but the very idea of posting pictures of myself just doesn't appeal. So I have to admit, I spent hours on the gonewild section, attempting to figure out why women felt compelled to do what they were doing. This of course started my mind going, how could I make this into a story and before I knew it the story started coming. It just poured out and I know I shouldn't have favorites but of the seven I have finished it's my second favorite. It practically wrote itself and it goes deeper I think, than some of the others. 

The only problem is the title is always the hardest part for me and the few titles I thought fit have been used in abundance already. I don't want to get lost among them, nor be accused of attempting to ride the coattails of the other stories. The one title I'm thinking of is Abby Gonewild, I don't mention Reddit by name but it's pretty obvious. I have checked for the username she will use and it isn't currently used, am thinking of holding it just in case (okay just did.) So will this get me sued or does it even matter?

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